Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ER trip #2

Tonight was #4's turn.

Playing tackle football with his brothers, #4 got the ball and quickly got tackled. Not normally a problem but this tackle was right onto a rock which either went through his lip or made him bite through his lip. Either way, Mr. Wiedz took him to the ER. 4 hours, a couple hundred dollars and some glue later they're on their way home.

Poor guy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's Eight

Eight years ago we welcomed our wonderful #1 to our family. To say we were ready would have been an understatement, we'd been waiting and wishing and crying and hoping and praying for over 2 years by the time she came. But to say we were amazed at the love we felt, amazed at how tired we were, amazed at how unequipped we felt for the job would have also been accurate.

Mr. Wiedz and I had moved to central California right after finding out we were expecting #1 in the winter of 2000. Mr. Wiedz worked his dream job as an assistant golf pro at Pebble Beach Golf Links and I had a job also working for the resort in the reservations department. We'd found a great doctor who didn't mind that our insurance wouldn't start until middle of the way through my pregnancy and did all the birth preparation classes and hospital tours. We were ready.

Grammie (my mom) decided she just couldn't stand to possibly be there in time so she flew down about a week before my due date. We had a fun couple of days showing mom around before my doctor's appointment on Friday. At that appointment the doctor stripped my membranes and said "see you this weekend". After that we stepped up our preparations a notch.We had the car seat installed at a car dealership, bought window screens, went out to lunch and made sure my hospital bag was packed. Mom treated me to a pedicure at the Pebble Beach Spa while Mr. Wiedz hit the actual Pebble Beach Links. He thought it would be awesome to get to say he was golfing on Pebble Beach when I called to tell him I was in labor.

At the end of my pedicure (4PM) I felt a contraction. When we paid I felt another one. At the car, there was another. Mom noticed at that point and we started keeping track. We called Mr. Wiedz awhile later when the contractions weren't stopping although they were still 12 minutes apart and so there was no reason for him to come home yet. Mr. Wiedz returned after a fun afternoon on the golf course and we spent the rest of the evening going on walks, resting, wandering around, breathing and anticipating. At 4:15AM we headed to the hospital. My doctor came at 8AM and broke my water. I spent the rest of the afternoon in labor. And at 4:08PM Saturday the 7th of July, 2001 our sweet #1 came into the world!

Mr. Wiedz and I are always suggesting that we bottle the kids. Not let them grow anymore. Keep them at this perfect age! It has become a great family joke. I have loved #1 at 7, she's so much fun. She talks SO much (though she comes by it so naturally she can't be blamed), has great ideas (she'd make a great only child so she could execute all the ideas that take too much time or effort to do with all these siblings), she tries to be helpful and kind but these little brothers are so much a thorn in her side at times that she really just needs to learn to trust the Lord to cultivate that kindness and patience in her life.
Eight should be great! I can't wait!