Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm back...kind of

For very good reasons we have had no Internet for a number of months now. For the most part I don't mind, having an iPhone helps so I'm not really without Internet or email, I was spending a lot of time surfing blogs and crafty things. But I have missed writing in this space. The past few weeks I've missed it even more.

I mentioned to Mr. Wiedz that it is the one thing that was bothering me about our lack of Internet, that I missed blogging. His solution was that I could come to the office and post. I think that could work. I think the best way is to write the posts then schedule so I'm not running into the office with four children all the time. But I think it could work.

So I'll be back. Updating. Posting. Changing things around. Just tonight I've had fun changing the header and putting up a baby ticker. So much fun to be had out in blog land.

Yeah. It's good to be back!