Friday, August 29, 2008

New York: home

We had to have a wake up call so I'd make sure to not sleep through my alarm. The car was going to pick me up at 4:30 AM so the lobby called at 4:10 to wake me up. A quick shower, dressed and then the 5 minutes to jam my suitcase shut. (I even had to take out a lot of my clothes for Mr. Wiedz to bring home so I could leave the toys for the kids in my case.)

I met the car, hugged Mr. Wiedz good-bye and left for the airport. My flight left at 6:30, so I was hoping to get there about an hour before. I'm lucky the drive didn't take as long as I'd planned. The line to get checked in was long and the security line was longer. By the time I'd stopped at the magazine shop for a snickers bar and got to my gate they were boarding.

The flight from New York to Phoenix was long. Since it was early most of the passengers slept. I also dozed off but was not too comfortable in the middle seat so couldn't SLEEP. I flew US Airways which I think is the cheapest airline around...they don't give out snacks and you even have to pay $2 for water.

It was great to get off the plane in Phoenix. I walked to my next gate with a stop at Burger King for a whopper and got there just in time to board. The flight to Portland from Phoenix was great, I had an exit row near the front and I was on the aisle instead! I was able to sleep a little. The trip was shorter so it wasn't so bad.

After getting my bag from baggage claim I met Grandma D and the two older kids who'd come to get me. The kids were so excited to see me. Grandma D wanted a run down of the whole trip so I talked most of the way back to her house. When we got there Grandpa D went right in to wake up #3 from his nap. I think he was ready for us to leave so he could have his house back!

Grandma D stopped him from waking up #4 so we visited a little bit more. After #4 woke up we packed up all the kid's stuff and loaded up in the car. We headed off for home, happy to be together again!

Since I wasn't too sure of the food situation at home I stopped at McDonald's for dinner which the kids thought was great.

We got home and went straight to work checking on all the animals. The cat had had another batch of kittens while the kids and I were in California. I had prepared them that even though someone was coming and making sure the mama cat had food I couldn't guarantee that all the kittens would have survived. They had and the kids were so excited to see them. The pigs were needing food and the dog was excited to be untied.

I had promised that once the chores were taken care of I would get out presents. So we unpacked my bag of all the treasures I had brought back with me. No t-shirts from this trip. Just a bunch of toys! It was a hit. Everyone set off in different areas of the house to play with their new things. They had fun and were so thrilled to be home!

After some hours of just being home...relaxing, playing, checking things out we hadn't seen in awhile, petting kittens, etc. We had a snack and started the bath process.

Once I got all the big kids into bed I sat down to nurse #4. I had weaned him to just nursing before bed before I left for New York. Course now I'd been gone for 4 nights and didn't think he would nurse anymore. To my delight he did nurse that night. I was so thrilled and felt that maybe I hadn't ruined him by having this wonderful adventure all to myself.

Everyone was tucked into their own beds and sound asleep by 7:30 and after some blogging and computer time I was anxious to follow at 9:00.

So good to be home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New York: day 4

Day 4 was to be my last day in New York. It was meant to be a day of relaxing and enjoying.

Mr. Wiedz started by leaving early to catch his car to the golf course. He and his client played the Trump National course in Westchester. They had a good time but the course wasn't like the others they had played.

I slept in until about 8AM. Then lounged around, puttering on the computer and reading. I called the spa to see about booking a massage but they were all booked so I booked a pedicure. I had to hurry to get ready and be to the spa for my appointment. While getting my pedicure I decided to also have a manicure. Feeling pampered and relaxed I went up to the room afterward and finished the cheesecake from dessert the other night and waited until it was time to meet up with my shopping buddies.

Once together we went to Victoria's Secret and Stewart Wiesmen (shoes). One of the ladies in our group departed from there and went back to the hotel to exercise. Mr. Wiedz' associate and I took a cab to the Toys R Us on 34th. When we got out of the cab my jaw dropped...we were in Times Square!

Everything was bigger and moving so much faster and more crowded than where we had been at Central Park South. I was amazed and so thankful for the relative quiet of our end of the city.

We went to the Toys R Us. It was huge, with a working ferris wheel in the center. And then we walked about 12 blocks to the Forever 21 store. Found some neat things there. We took a cab back to the hotel and met up with Mr. Wiedz at a meeting.

I had arranged a massage for Mr. Wiedz before I left for shopping. I was struck by how exhausted he was and how wound up he was from all the working so I called the spa and booked him some down time. I figured since he was getting a massage I should too. So at 5:00 PM we both had a massage. I had to practically drag him from the meeting but he and I were so glad I had. The time away helped regain some clarity and go ahead with the rest of the business with a clear head and relaxed body.

After changing and getting ready we went down to the lobby to say good-bye to Mr. Wiedz' business associate who was flying out that night. We had drinks with another associate while we waited for his clients to join us for dinner. We took a car to a nearby restaurant called Milos. Great seafood that they cook fresh and simply. It is a restaurant where you order family style and they share all the dishes between the guests. We got to try two different kinds of fish and some delicious steamed veggies. Chocolate moose for dessert.

Another stroll back to the hotel after a great evening of visiting with clients/friends.

I had to pack while Mr. Wiedz took care of some business.

1:00 AM...sleep.

Monday, August 25, 2008

New York: day 3

We start the next day with a couple of options. Sleeping in, using the workout facility at the hotel, going for a walk in Central Park with Mr. Wiedz' boss, joining others for breakfast. As we left dinner the night before everything was optional...see ya when we see ya.

Mr. Wiedz' boss called at 6:50, "Are you coming walking?" Yep, we'll be right there.

Mr. Wiedz, boss man and myself took a great walk around Central Park. Longer than the first day, a little bit warmer, but it felt really great. Mr. Wiedz and boss man got some good things discussed. Mr. Wiedz likes these walks because boss man is focused and it is a great time to discuss strategy and set the tone or the goals for the day.

We returned to the hotel to change and I wanted to go to the toy store to finish picking up goodies for the kids. Mr. Wiedz and I walked to F.A.O. Schwarz, but they weren't open for another hour. We did not have time to wait so we walked back to the hotel so I could eat some breakfast.

After I ate we returned to our room and changed for the drive to Bridgehampton. The hotel had arranged SUVs to pick us up and drive us out to Bridgehampton for lunch and a polo event. I sat in the back and snoozed a little while the rest of the people visited and got to know one other more. We had a wonderful lunch catered by a restaurant. There were more people invited to that so we all sat at different tables and got to meet new people. It was a fun lunch. Then we were taken to the polo match.

A large tent, marked for VIPs, was flanked by smaller tents reserved for sponsors. Mr. Wiedz' company was one of the sponsors and had a tent area with refreshments. Not a lot of watching goes on at the polo. One of the regulars there shared with us that the polo had been rained out twice this season but the party still went on with hardly anyone noticing that there was no polo.

We got to the match just before half time. Mr. Wiedz and his business associates mingled and visited and networked with people at the event. After it was over, which seemed quite soon to me. We returned to the cars for the long drive back to the city. We arrived back at 9:30pm. Dinner reservations had been made but some of our party decided to go to bed instead so we canceled those reservations, changed and headed out with a smaller group to find something light and easy. We found a small Italian place, Serefina's, and had a great but light meal.

We walked back in no hurry and headed up to bed.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

New York: day 2

After my head hit the pillow on day 1 I don't remember anything until Mr. Wiedz got up day 2.

It was 5:00AM (EST)!

I thought we should fall back asleep...he thought a power walk in Central Park.

Since I'm only in New York a few days it seemed wasteful to spend the morning asleep and not to experience everything I could... we got up and to the park.

We had a nice walk around the park, somehow managing to find our way back to the hotel.

Mr. Wiedz had to immediately shower and get to the car for his golf tee-time. He and his client and another business relationship played Bayonne. They thought the course was great and had a fabulous time. Actually, the part that has been raved about the most by both guys was the ferry ride to the course, going right passed the Statue of Liberty. A fantastic morning for Mr. Wiedz.

While Mr. Wiedz headed off the golf course I spent the morning in our room, relaxing, reading, sleeping a little more. I was invited to lunch by Mr. Wiedz' new boss and other business associates. We went to a nice Italian place and I had a great grilled shrimp salad. After lunch all my lunch friends went to get massages or to rest. Since I had already rested I wanted to hit the city. Our hotel is a couple blocks from 5th Avenue so I wandered down there. My final destination was The American Girl store. Knowing where I needed to end up I walked up one side of 5th Ave keeping an eye on the other side of the street so I'd know where I wanted to go on the way back.

Had a blast in the American Girl store, that is a crazy place! Also hit The Disney Store, 3 stories! On the way back I went to the Coach store and Banana Republic to find shoes that I'd seen at home and now wanted to pick up. (Mr. Wiedz had not packed my black shoes to go with my dress for dinner.) Mr. Wiedz' business associate met me at BR and we went together to The Gap and Victoria Secrets. Fun day...wouldn't you say?

I made it back to the hotel and met up with Mr. Wiedz and had a little rest. We got ready to go and met our party in the lobby to go to dinner. Dinner our second night here was FANTASTIC! We went to the Porterhouse. I had lobster, which was to die for and New York cheesecake for dessert! And our group had so much fun together again!

On the way back, nearly to our hotel, I notice the horse and carriages that line the park waiting for customers. I mention to Mr. Wiedz that we should go...when's the next time I'll be in New York? So he sets up a ride for ourselves and some clients. What a fabulous time. It was a nice quiet time with Mr. Wiedz, although he kept falling asleep, and a fun way to see the park!

Back to our room.


Friday, August 22, 2008

New York: day 1

Mr. Wiedz and I are in New York! It is big, it is full of energy, it is fun! All the kids stayed a couple of nights with our wonderful Aunt M. And the rest of the trip is being handled by Grandma D! I am so blessed by these terrific women!

We took a early morning flight into JFK airport. Sat by a hilarious 16 year old who was traveling back to Africa where he lives with his father. Very confident young man whom I enjoyed visiting with. The flight was easy, although long, but I got to sit there and read. No one asked me to help them and I didn't have to hold anyone. It was great. The vacation really started for me with the plane ride!

We took a taxi from the airport to Manhattan to our hotel, The Essex House. The taxi wasn't too bad. It was fun to see the city as we passed through.

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we went to a little street cafe and had lunch. We got settled into our hotel room after that. I put my feet up and rested a bit while Mr. Wiedz took care of some email. I had gotten a headache, I think from the travel and possibly not drinking enough water throughout the day.

After a little rest we got ready and joined the rest of our party at the hotel restaurant for dinner. Mr. Wiedz had invited some clients that he has known for 6 plus years to come to New York and attend a match at the Bridgehampton Polo Club. Even though I have known these clients/friends I had never met them. Dinner was SO much fun visiting, sharing, laughing. It was great. Mr. Wiedz and I shared a steak dinner which was very tasty. It was a long dinner, I think we were the last out of the restaurant but it was because we were having such a great time.

I talked to Aunt M as we finished dinner, #4 was having a little bit of a hard time falling asleep and #2 was getting some alone time reading with Uncle C but everyone else was content and asleep.

Midnight, day 1...sleep!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



The flight was great. #4 fell asleep before we took off and slept for more than half the flight!

We had a fun time in California with our friends, however, we were SO happy to see our men at home. #1 set of in a dead run when she saw Mr. Wiedz.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Missed me, didn't you?

I've been on a bit of a blogging absence lately. #1, #4 and I traveled to Northern California to visit one of my closest friends and to help out with a couple days of babysitting. We've had tons of fun! Baby M is little, 5 months old, and very cute! #1 is having a great time with the additional adults that will listen to her AND they have TV which we do not have at home so she's in 7th heaven. #4 is his same old easy going self. Caught a little runny nose from Baby M so cries when I wipe his nose and husband M thinks that's the only time he cries.

We went to a mall nearby yesterday. We were in search of something fun but cool to do. It had been in the 100's everyday and intolerable to be outside other than 7:00 AM. We had a nice time. Found a summer dress on clearance for #1 and some other fun items. #1 found a store called Libby Lu, which markets to tween girls with all sorts of products covered in glitter and sparkles. She loved it and is still asking to go back!

Today we left #1 with husband M while my friend and I took the babies to the farmer's market. It was so big and crowded but we got some delicious tomatoes and grapes and other farm goods! I am looking forward to the tomatoes for dinner tonight.

Mr. Wiedz and #2 and #3 are having a great time at home without us. Our cat had 8 kittens! There was a huge thunder and lightening storm, another one our cats died, and they are now camping. Fun for everyone!

The kids and I fly home on Wednesday. I'm missing #2 and #3 and Mr. Wiedz.

Friday, August 8, 2008


My Grandma passed away on Sunday, August 3rd.

A strong woman, extremely opinionated. A tender heart, she cried at the drop of a hat. Independent. Loved to take care of others but not be taken care of.

When Grandma battled breast cancer 7 years ago she did so largely on her own. She didn’t want company during the treatments. When the cancer came back this year in her bones and lungs she remained independent until nearly the very end. Still making sure the dishwasher was loaded correctly and things were just in their place. Once the motorized cart that got her around was taken away and she was unable to get out of bed she was ready to be done.

I have wonderful memories of my Grandma. She had terrific stories of my brother and I when we were little too.

I admit there has been a growing apart over the years. Almost all my fault.

Grandma wasn’t a traditional Grandma. No cookies were baking when you came to visit. Although she was a wonderful cook and extremely hospitable. And Grandma had the vocabulary of a logger. But her kindness and generosity are unrivaled. Grandma worked very hard on the business side of the company her and Grandpa owned. Grandma always had an office in their home. It was our play area when we were little. Sent out to the office so the adults could visit.

The reason I give the most for my distance is I was afraid of her. She could be a little critical. Although she loved children she didn’t think people in general should have more than a couple. So I figured my group of four was out of bounds. I regret that. I didn’t put the time or effort necessary to be close to her since I’ve had the kids. My kids didn’t know her very well. They don’t know how fabulous her house was at Christmas. They don’t know how funny she could be. They don’t know how generous she was. They never heard any of her stories.

I haven’t been sad that she’s passing. Isn’t that horrible to say. The regret makes me cry though. What I wish I would have done. My mom says I’m her “glass-half-full-girl”, so I probably won’t live in regret too long. Watching the process from a distance does make me aware of things I want to do differently as my children and I grow up. I know the examples I will take from my Grandma’s life and what I’ll try to do my own way.

She was a fantastic lady, who will be missed by many. Including this granddaughter who loved her.

I'll write more later about the crazy and overwhelming and long week we had attending to all the craziness.