Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A fast post...

Some of you will be sad there is not more to this post. But, with no Mr. Wiedz here, I'm tired. I want to sit and watch mindless TV instead of sitting in front of the computer.

Here's a collage of what's been going on with us.

I'll write more later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doesn't my room look so pretty?

We got a lot done in our room this weekend.

Mr. Wiedz and I stayed up late Friday night, Mr. Wiedz worked most of the day on Saturday and another late night for both of us on Saturday night but we have our room painted and some of our furniture moved. We also have our light fixtures up!

The wall our bed is on is painted "cup of cocoa" and every other wall and ceiling in the master suite is "antique white". The room looks big, clean, warm and calming. It is perfect!

And the light fixtures are fabulous! When we were wiring the new parts of this project I asked if we could have sconces on each side of the bed. Mr. Wiedz made that happen and we found perfect sconces at Home Depot. And Mr. Wiedz installed them on a dimmer switch!

Mr. Wiedz installed the closet system to the new walk-in closet...his and hers sides. Shelves for tubs of out season clothes, belt racks, shelves for sweaters, tons of hanging space. A dream closet!

Some paint and a door!

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty in some areas of our remodel project. Mr. Wiedz hung the door on the boy's room. I've been wanting a door...everyone sleeps better and I'm not as worried about noise in the evening, nap times or morning. #2 helped attach the hardware. Mr. Wiedz has tried hard with this project to let the kids be involved. It is easy to get a one-track mind but he's done a good job and the kids have enjoyed the project.

With that in mind during nap time for the younger boys on Saturday we got out the paint rollers and set up #1 and #2 to paint some walls. They thought it was great fun. They used a lot of paint. Most of it went on the walls...

#1 was so cute...she sticks her tongue out when she paints...consentrating so hard.
But #2 was covered as well!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still constructing...

Our remodel project is nearing some steps of completion but it still feels like we'll be trapped in remodel land FOREVER!We have old light fixtures partly down so we can paint under them but still have light. Once the paint dries Mr. Wiedz will install the new fixtures.And we're now living with paint fumes. Mr. Wiedz and I stayed up late getting the rolling done on our room where the new texture was dry. And we repainted our bathroom so the rooms have the same color palette. The painting continues today, getting all the corners we neglected last night as well as finding all the spots we missed.The balance of course is keeping the project moving forward but without the kids or family time suffering. Mr. Wiedz tends to get pretty single-minded when he's working on a project so I'm trying to keep him to manageable pieces today. He's finishing the light paint in our room this morning. This afternoon he'll install light fixtures and we'll move all the furniture from our new closet and our new hall into our room, tonight we can paint the closet and hall. Hopefully we can finish all the details on Sunday. Then we'll be able to work on the boy's room Monday.

Isn't remodeling FUN!

LAST weekend...and a full week!

Last weekend Mr. Wiedz had to leave for Philadelphia, read about that here. In order to get to the airport on time and to have as much family time as possible we stayed the night at Grammie and Grandpa N's. Mr. Wiedz and Grandpa N left at 3:30am, we did not get up to see him off.

#1 and I drove to Grandma D's to attend a baby shower for a cousin who had an adorable baby girl in September. We had a fun time and got lots of squeezes on the new little one. I hadn't had the appropriate time to make a quilt so I stopped at Target on my way...there are other holidays coming up, I plan on catching her later...she won't mind she's only a month old.

Grammie N watched the boys and had had a great time with them. When #1 and I got back we went out to the front porch to help Grammie with a little pumpkin project she'd wanted done. The kids each carved out the top and all the gooey guts so we could "plant" a fall plant in the pumpkin for a nice porch look for Grammie.It was a fun project. The finished product looked great, Grammie was happy and the kids had fun!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mr Wiedz:Travel to Philly

It seems that the two most recent questions in my life are:

1. Mr. Wiedz, what exactly do you do?
2. Would you please blog about your experiences and travel?

I fully admit I have been hesitant to post any blogs, as it is not really my thing, I am concerned about security, and I really don’t think my professional life is all that exciting. With that said, others seem to think global travel and a billion dollar business is worth discussing. With that said, and a basic frame work established, I will try and examine my experiences while traveling globally and discuss non proprietary information on the Wonderful World of Wiedz.

Mrs. Wiedz sent me off to Philadelphia, a city in which I have never visited. Reason, a real estate conference. Now, I had very little interest traveling to Philadelphia, not because I dislike to city, Primarily due to future travel obligations and time management. I went so far to check in with “The Boss” to ensure he wanted me to visit. His response was simple, “Mr.Wiedz, wherever you go, good things happen”. Although flattering, this did not seem like the best reason to go. Non the less, I flew via Salt lake, to Philadelphia, arriving on a Saturday afternoon. From the minute we hit the ground, the whole trip was a little off kilter. To begin, we arrived at the gate 35 minutes early due to an emergency on our airplane It seems as if an older lady had a mild stroke. Although she walked off the airplane, we were all taken to the baggage off load and bussed in to the terminal. This took nearly 40 minutes. Once in the terminal, it took another 35 to get my single suitcase off the carousel. After finally getting my bag, I departed the wrong side of the airport, and therefore had a difficult time finding a cab. In the end, I made it back to the other side of the airport, and found a taxi. By this point, I am slightly aggravated as all I want to do is put my feet up, and rest. I departed for PDX at 3:30am the night before.

I made it to my hotel, the Courtyard Marriot, which was a far cry from the original Ritz Carlton in which I would have stayed if adequate time would have allowed. Upon check in, my credit card declined, and locked down due to a “Security Breach”. Lesson one, if you are traveling outside of your daily living area, call your credit card company and let them know. After a few phone calls, clearing up the mess, I made it to my room, which was pleasant, and put my feet up for the evening. I ended up eating at a local pub with a couple of beers, 5 pounders to be exact. Just what the doctor ordered after a start like that.

Sunday, I awoke early, got dressed and pulled up the computer. Now touching briefly on what I do. Simply put, I am the Director of Global Sales for a project in South America, operated by one of the strongest luxury hotel brand in the world. Primary responsibilities include global management of 90 real estate brokerage houses from every quadrant of the world, managing my sales staff in South America, and playing golf and selling to the worlds wealthiest. No exaggeration.

With these tasks comes a little pressure to ensure our global brokerages perform and stay motivated. My casual morning turned into chaos, as urgent business commands my every move. I made it through the morning, stabilized the boat, an called down stairs to order a shoe shine and steam for a shirt. Upon my amazement, the shoe shine guy in the lobby did not work Sunday, and the laundry service was also closed. Just what I needed. For those that know me, it is the simple things that get messed up that set me off. I got dressed in a navy suit, button down, tie, and walked to the hotel next door where the gentleman kindly shined my shoes, shared with me about Philadelphia, and showed me he cared. I rewarded his $6.00 fee, with a $14.00 tip, smiled, and told him to have a great day. This helped change my attitude.

I walked about two miles to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and enjoyed the afternoon noon. What a place. Original work by Van Gogh, Renoia, Picasso, to name a few. I could have easily spent an entire day appreciating the gallery and museum.

Any down time at the hotel is filled with e-mail, phone calls, a quick shower, a couple more e-mails, and out the door. The evening presented a cocktail reception, followed by a dinner at the Ritz Carlton. Hate to say it, but any steak I cook at home with a couple of beers was better than than $150 a plate dinner. The evening wrapped up with cocktails and networking post dinner, then to the local pub, and yes, we shut it down. I face the challenge of pacing myself during the evening gala. Trust me, your body wears down quickly. I finally hit the pillow around 2:00am.

Breakfast was at 7:30 am. Why so early, I don’t know, but I was tired. I made it through a couple of morning sessions, constantly answering the same question, “What is Jumeirah again”, my response “you know the Burg Hotel, yes the worlds only 7 star hotel, the one with 15 white Rolls Royce. Our project is there first latin America project”. I find it amazing, out of nearly 150 participants in the conference, maybe 2 new the Burg. With that said, take the time to view, and

I skipped out on the late morning session, had a big pastrami from the local market, and sat through the afternoon motivational speaker. I then went back to the hotel, did 40 e-mails, showered, a couple of calls and out the door to the black tie dinner. Again, dinner stunk, sea bass and some potato dish nobody could identify. Made it back to the room by 9:00 with the intention of getting to bed early, made it to bed by 1:30 am, left the room at 3:30 am for the airport, via Atlanta, and I made it home.

It was great to see everybody right up to the point when #4 projectile puked in the car 3 times. Welcome home dad!

This trip was rough, my first rough trip where I could have gone without. I am off to NY shortly to host an event in the city. I will post during the visit. hopefully I did not bore you all with my first post. Until next time:


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coming Soon: Guest Poster!

Mr. Wiedz has agreed to post while he's on his trips. I know some people have told him before that they would love to know more about what his trips are like. Now we'll get a first hand account of what his trips are really like. Watch for him!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little home project

***Friday's edit: I'm linking this post for my "Company Girls" Coffee.


Mr. Wiedz and I bought our home over 6 years ago. Prior to moving in Mr. Wiedz did a major renovation. Left out of the remodel at the time was a long narrow hallway that was original to the house and was weird. But it was something no one knew how to get rid of so it stayed. Last weekend Mr. Wiedz and I were talking about reorganizing our closet/purging old clothes that haven't seen the front of the closet in some time. This discussion led to dreaming how nice it would be to have a bigger closet...well lets knock out the wall and make a bigger closet right here... That train of thought led us through that entire side of the house, making changes and talking about what we could do.

Mr. Wiedz caught the vision! At this point were were just making bigger closets and a bigger room for all the boys to share. But at a point when he realized the wall next in line to come down was most likely a bearing wall and was made of lath and plaster a new vision came to him. A vision he could really get excited about!...He could get rid of the narrow hallway that had plagued him for 6 years.
Once Mr. Wiedz "catches the vision" he is ready to act. I asked him when we might take on this project...crowbar in hand he said, "right now!" That was on Saturday. Keep in mind Mr. Wiedz will be off for another business trip shortly, but he promised walls and doors before he leaves.

Starting Saturday he tore down and Tuesday his dad J came to help wire. Wednesday he hung drywall and today started the hot mud/taping process. I'm so tired of how dirty everything is. There is dust everywhere! And piles of stuff moved from space to space to make room for the next phase.The boys have really gotten into the remodeling project. Helping, chewing on nails, crawling through drywall dust, hammering, fetching tools, cleaning up (#2's favorite thing is vacuuming) and trying to do whatever they see Mr. Wiedz or (as below) they see Grandpa D doing (course we discourage playing with outlets...they just get extra pieces of wire to crimp and use the pliers on).Well, were done for this stage...Mr. Wiedz will be away for a couple of days and I have my promised walls, though there is no door on the boys' room...that's ok.


I am tired of the mess and the work but I am excited for my new storage closet that used to be that horrible narrow hallway. And I got wall sconces on either side of my bed...I've always wanted those! And what girl doesn't dream of a walk-in closet? We really will enjoy our new layout and we think it is a more appealing floor plan if we ever decide to sell.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday #4!

By the time you're pregnant with your fourth child you think you've got it all figured out. But leave it to pregnancy/children to make sure you know that you have nothing figured out.

When I first learned I was pregnant (let me tell you that was a shock) I calculated my due date at early November but when I went to my first prenatal appointment we learned that my due date was October 9th. I was already 4 weeks further along than I had ever dreamed!

So now I have #2 whose birthday is October 1st and I'm due October 9th. But I know my pregnancies and I have had all my babies 1 week early...that would be October 1. My plan back in March of that year was to go as long as I could toward the 9th...but let's face it, 9 months later I was ready as soon as the Dr. would go.

I had my appointment September 29th and the doctor told me to come to the hospital on her next "on call" day, October 2nd. All thoughts of going longer toward the 9th was out the window...lets deliver this baby!

The 2nd of October 2007 we made the trip to the hospital early in the morning and I again had that strange feeling of going to have a baby without being in labor. Dr. L came in and broke my water early that morning and I got ready to go into labor...sounds strange, doesn't it.
This time though I only felt like laying in bed. I didn't want to walk around, though I did a little. After a couple of hours of contractions but nothing worthy of having a baby...every nurse in the hall commented that I was still smiling, a clear sign I was not in strong enough labor. Dr. L decided to start me on pitocin. All my other labors I had been able to avoid pitocin but this time things just weren't moving along and it didn't seem like it could hurt.

Hurt it did! My contractions started right up and were two minutes apart. I tried walking, I tried sitting in the tub, I tried sitting, I tried standing, I tried swaying (it had always worked for me). The nurse checked me and I had barely dilated...I burst into tears. So miserable and so upset that all the pain and work hadn't produced anything. The nurse was supportive and sweet. Mr. Wiedz got right down to business. I walked for an hour and sat in the tub for 1/2 hour.

It all gets a little fuzzy after that...Mr. Wiedz, labor coach extraordinaire, and his prescription worked. My labor was fast and furious at that point. I asked for the swatting bar, thinking that would be the wasn't but it was great for doing calf presses against. Who knows how much longer but at 4 something in the afternoon October 2nd, 2007 we welcomed #4 into our family.

Today we celebrated #4 turning one. Although for this birthday all it meant was some streamers hung above his bed and the door frame. The party is tomorrow for both my birthday boys.

#4 is the easiest baby I've ever had. He does his own little thing and only comes around if he's hungry or tired. He even lets the other kids "play" with him. He's so sweet and our family is blessed by him.

Happy Birthday #4!