Monday, December 31, 2012

Handmade Christmas :: jammies


I hope I can post about the handmade I got done this year...there isn't too much. For as little as there was handmade this year there are even fewer pictures of what was done so we'll see if I can even post about it.

One thing that I almost crossed off the list and almost gave up on were the Christmas Eve jammies. I have given the kids new jammies on Christmas Eve since #1 was a year old but the past four or so years I have made the pants each year (here is last year's post, inside that are links for other years). And each year they are a little comically large or too tight...can't seem to get them just right. But this year there was just so much on my list and a little baby and the sickies and a new fabric store that I had heard had all sorts of crazy long lines...

But I did make it to the store. The lines weren't TOO bad, I was able to run there while Mr. Wiedz came home for lunch one day.

And I decided that this year there was no need for the pants to be a surprise, after all I make them every year so they know what they're getting.

Last year my mom had to help me with waistbands because I had made my rises too short. She made contrasting waistbands and sewed them onto the top of the pants similarly to how I do the cuffs on the bottom. I decided to start that way and I'm so glad I did. Probably saved the pants!!! No seams!!! I was able to cut out and sew all six pairs in one day and add elastic the next evening.

Done! And adorable.

*I am notoriously late in getting shirts to go with the jammies each year. Actually last year I didn't even get shirts and they just wore whatever they were wearing that day to bed and the next morning. This year I got a great deal at the Children's Place's cyber Monday sale and got all the kids new shirts. They didn't match or "go with" the jammies but everyone loves their shirts and they all looked so cute.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh wow! Fall. It's been a tough one.

Remember how Mr. Wiedz called the beginning of my pregnancy with #6 "the fog"? That's a little bit like I feel looking back at the fall. We had a lot of changes and I think it has taken me awhile to find my stride. But I think we/I are finding our way.

And here we are on the edge of a new year.

I love new's like a new school year to me. All fresh; clean paper, sharpened pencils, untested schedules and blank calendar pages. Combine that with my newly found stride and we may be ready for this new year!

So, here's to a new year...a new chance to get into the stride. A new year full of grace in the midst of the crazy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

:: 9 Months ::


Of course it's almost been a month since I took this adorable picture of my 9 month old baby girl. That also means it's almost been a month since she was 9 months can it possibly be that she's getting so big! Right before her 9th month she started pulling herself up. She had gotten to a standing position on our {unused} fireplace but I came home from work one afternoon and the babysitter shared that she'd done it holding onto the couch! We were all so surprised! Of course she has since learned how to cruise along the couch and between furniture. And the all-important getting back to the ground. She even bends over now to pick things up. And she pulls up on ANYTHING now that she's figured out this trick. She's also clapping now which is ADORABLE!!! She finally outgrew the 6month clothes and like most of my babies seems content to skip the 9 month size and go directly to the 12 month.

Who knows...maybe her 10th month post will get up before she's nearly a year old.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

:: Yarn Along ::

Oh, it has been so long!

But, not looking behind...forward only!

Yarning Along again with's what my pile is looking like.


On the needles :: I've pulled Mr. Wiedz's sweater out and am going to get motivated to work on it again...Mr. Wiedz says it's all he wants for Christmas. Since that isn't going to happen I'm not moving too quickly. All these other, faster, knits are jumping ahead in line. Unfortnuately, I've made a major first-sweater mistake and didn't buy all the yarn at once for the sweater. Of course at the time I was starting this project I only had the money for the two skeins I bought, but now that I've gone back to the yarn store for more yarn I see that the dye lots do matter (look at how much yellow there is in that new skein...that's pretty true color thanks to my Stella Lamp) and now Mr. Wiedz will have a two-tone sweater. I'm trying to get over it. We'll see if I ever let him wear it...

I'm also starting on my small list of handmades for Christmas. I'm working on the milanese loop for the babysitter using this yarn in pewter.

I pinned this idea from pinterest for crocheted bowls and balls that I'm going to do for #6 for Christmas. I found half the yarn at the local craft store and I'm ordering the other three colors so I can have a bright rainbow.

On the nightstand :: I've finally gotten my turn with The Mark of Athena now that #1 is finished. I just don't have the reading time that I used to so I'm going super slow even though it is a great book. The boys and I are reading Foundlings aloud (somewhat reluctantly on some parts) and #2 and I are very into it.