Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pigs out!

My brother and I have an issue. He calls me “white-trash”. I say to call me a “redneck”…it’s better on the offensiveness scale. This story may have him throwing offensiveness out the window.

Monday was the day we were getting Mr. Wiedz back, although I had to drive and meet him and his friend and get him…small price to pay. We hadn’t really done much around the house that day. Oh wait, never mind. I’d washed all the linens, hung them out to dry and remade all the beds. I also made cookies with the 3 olders for afternoon snack. Not the kind of “with” that they watch me make cookies, the kind of “with” that they measure in the ingredients and get turns stirring…the time consuming kind of “with”.

After all beds were made and cookies all out of the oven I did my periodic search for #3. He likes to escape and wander around outside. He’s usually no problem to find, just call his name and he pops his head out of the shed, the coop or the garden where he’s been playing. Sure enough, I called his name and heard him up at the chickens. Only this time he’d opened the door and they were trying to do their own escaping. He was hollering at them but having a hard time keeping them in and getting the door shut. I put #4 down on the grass and went to fix the chicken problem. I found a bungee cord and made it so he can’t open the door on his own anymore. And we headed back to the house. As we got to the door, having recollected #4, I noticed movement along the back of the backyard in an area we call our forest. This area is about eight very tall trees. There is a great big hole at the base of an old fallen down tree to use as a fort, a hammock and lots of running around space. Also this is the favorite place to pick up twigs when #1 is playing that she is a pioneer child.

The movement I noticed was a pig. One of our pigs. One of our pigs that was supposed to be in the pen.

I rushed everyone into the house and told them to stay in and to watch #4 so he didn’t freak out.

I went out to the pen to make sure the other two weren’t gone as well…nope, they were just fine. And there were no holes in the pen so I’m guessing she climbed over the walls to freedom. So next was a search for some rope. Not finding any, I used the cable we use to tie up the dog. I made a slip not by clipping the connector to the cable itself and set off to “wrangle me a pig”- see, I’m itching to be called “white-trash”.

By this time she was up by the chickens so I walked calmly up there. I chased her (at a walking pace) around the entire house until we were back at the shed where she started. She got herself in the shed next to the pen so I moved around some things so she only had one way out, my way. I held the cable out so she’d have to walk through it, which she did. At this point my entire area knows I’ve got a pig out because she let out the most horrible noise. Not the nice snorting or “talking” they normally do but an ear-splitting scream! We stood there for quite awhile, her screaming and trying to get away, me holding on to the cable for dear life.

Once she calmed down a little I worked my way to the gate of the pen. But it was jammed closed. The chain we use at the bottom of the gate to keep them from pushing it open or #3 from opening it for them was so tight I could not undo it to open the gate. I needed to shovel out the door from inside the pen but couldn’t let go of the pig to use both hands and shoveling is a two-handed job!

Throwing out that they all needed to stay in the house, I screamed for #1 to bring me the phone. Although this was helpful, the dog getting loose of the house as a result of the door opening was not helpful. Now the pig is screaming again and I’m screaming at the dog to get him away! We tried the neighbor but they were not home. I stood there at a loss for quite awhile, how am I going to do this? I try to get her to come to a small fenced pasture area we have close to the shed but now that she’s seen her home and her friends she will not budge. So I hand #1 the cable. Tell her not to panic if the pig gets up (she had worn herself out so much she was now laying in front of the gate that won’t open) and just to hold the cable tightly. I took the rest of the cable inside the pen with me so if #1 had to let go I could still hold on.

I set to work shoveling…I’ll spare you those details. Just to say it was not fun. It was not clean. It was a lot of hard work.

After I figured I’d done enough to get the door to open I climbed out of the pen and started working on the chain. The pig still would not move so this was all reaching across her. I pushed on the gate. I worked at the chain. I pushed more on the gate. I tried with all my might to get the chain to move to the opening. Just. A. Little. Bit. More. #1 prayed for me.

IT OPENED! Oh, you should have heard the angels sing! And a wonderful answer to #1’s prayer…I love it when she gets to see the Lord so clearly.

Then, of course, I had to drag the pig out of the way so the gate could open. Once I got an opening in the gate that she could get through she was all about finding the mud! Oh, sweet mud!

Back to the house for a shower for me. Celebration calls for #1 to make. (Mr. Wiedz had called during all this so she wanted to be the one to call and report our success. I figured I should get to make that call having done all the work, I digress.) And off to get Mr. Wiedz, who will be putting some electric wire around the top of the pig pen tomorrow.

So, most anyone I’ve told this story to says they’d have paid money to see it. But I think I might see my brother’s opinion of living in the middle of nowhere.

Monday, July 28, 2008


In my efforts to have fun even when Mr. Wiedz is not here I took the kids to a local parade on Saturday. The MOPS group I attend did a "stroller brigade" and handed out fliers to invite new moms to our group.

The kids walked at the front of our little group waving and enjoying the parade. I pushed #3 and #4 in the stroller which got me out of handing out fliers too. I decided I didn't like walking in the parade. It felt very strange. I was walking down the middle of the street, kids a ways out in front of me and more of my group straggling behind me. People were staring, although that is what they're supposed to do in a parade, but it just felt strange.

We did get there early and walked around the booths set up in the courthouse lawn. Another mom in our group painted faces and all the kids got balloons.

After our walk I took the kids back to the booths. We found the elephant ear stand and got 2 elephant ears to share. We got ourselves a little spot of shade and enjoyed our ears. We all got stuffed, not even finishing...unfortunately, $9 for that treat!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, Mr. Wiedz is keeping his word to a friend and is helping this weekend on a no Mr. Wiedz here. #1 complained that when Mr. Wiedz is gone we don't do anything fun! So. I tried today to be more fun. I tried to figure out activities that we could do away from home. A daunting task all by myself with the 4 of them. But we did it!

We went to our local u-pick blueberry farm. I gave each of the "big" kids a bucket and figured we pick as long as they were wanting to. It worked out pretty well. #4 was such a mess...oh my goodness but even he enjoyed himself.

We got 5 pounds in little less than an hour. Nothing like what we'll need to pick to last us through the winter but it was a start and something to do today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I know what our mid-morning snack is tomorrow!

I found this while I was watering this evening. It's not the biggest cucumber but we will enjoy it SO much! #1 came out while I was loading the picture in the computer and her eyes got all wide with excitement over our cucumbers starting to produce fruit! We planted these from seed this spring and started them in the house...these plants are like our babies!

I can't spend all night writing posts, I've got to work on a cousin's wedding present (the wedding was in June).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We survived!

Mr. Wiedz arrived back today to the running, grinning, loving arms of his kids and wife! We had missed him so and were thrilled to see him! All the kids couldn't get enough loving on him and telling him adventures that he'd missed. All of them went outside for some Mr. Wiedz wrestling time, I've heard it called "soaking them in" after being away for so long.

Here they are playing on the trampoline together. Mr. Wiedz and
#4 laying underneath (with the dog) and "bumping" the
trampoline from the bottom making the kids fly up on top. The giggles and positioning were fantastic. They each tried to get in just the right spot to get the most height from his bump.

#3 also got to FINALLY get out his prize from the zoo. We had been saving it for Mr. Wiedz, knowing he'd love to be in on a project like this - read, I didn't want to do it and was saving it for him! This thing deserves it's own post...another day!

And of course when Mr. Wiedz gets home from a trip there are always presents. T-shirts and patches for the boys (which until #3 got to get out his zoo present wasn't such a hit). But this trip included a stop at an American Girl store so #1 was spoiled to the tenth degree. And thrilled!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Promises. God's promises. And promises of good things to come.
First, God's promises that I thought of and found:
"I will never leave you..." Hebrews 13:5
"My strength is made perfect in weakness..."
"Those who seek me diligently will find me." Proverbs 8:17
"Anyone in Christ is a new creation..." 2 Corinthians 5:17
"Instruction, teaching and guidance..." Psalm 32:8
"God shall supply all your needs to His riches..." Philippians 4:19
"Peace I leave with you..." John 14:27
"To everything there is a season..." Ecclesiastes 3:1
"...He shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4
"...and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

It has been an interesting time...looking up these promises. Knowing they speak to me now as I'm parenting, making decisions with Mr. Weidz for our family, dealing with family and life. But there was a new promise waiting for me in the garden this evening when I watered. Promises of good things to come:

I am so excited to have the tomatoes and the cucumbers come on this year. I still have awhile to wait but they are there...the promise of some delicious snacks, lunches and dinners!

day 4

What a blessed day we've had!

We got up (way too early) and after the rest of the house was going we had a great breaky. I did the cooking, Aunt M did the dishes. A perfect setup for both of us. Uncle K and the kiddos did the eating! After all that it was time to scour my parents house for all of my and my children's belongings. We got all packed up, hugged everyone with promises to see each other soon, and took the short drive to Grandparents D. What a blessing that all of our grandparents live close to us and to each other so it was not a long drive.

Once at Grandparents D we had a wonderful visit. #2 went with Grandpa D to the grocery store for lunch supplies. When they got was a remarkably longer trip than anyone would have anticipated. It was explained that even though they were there for lunch items they seemed distracted by the toy aisle (on the other side of the store from the grocery department). We ate a hurried lunch, quickly changed into bathing suits and slathered on the sunblock. Anxious to get to the swimming we wrangled 4 children, 4 adults and the necessary swimming paraphernalia out the door.

The boys were a little distracted on the way:

And we had a fantastic time swimming. #1 and #2 had tons of fun in the water. #3 loved being floated around on a mattress or on some one's hip. And #4 totally enjoyed the water until he got so tired I had to help him fall asleep. He laid in the shade of an umbrella and took a little snooze. #3 also was so tired and past his nap time, he started falling asleep sitting up on the floating mattress. Grandma convinced him to lay down and he fell asleep while she floated him around the pool. Cousin B and I helped pick him, mattress and all, out of the water and into the shade.

After a fun afternoon we got all back into dry clothes, gave hugs and got back into the car for the drive home. It was nice to be back but the full weekend provided the right amount of distractions from Mr. Wiedz being at meetings elsewhere. All the animals and the garden were happy to have us home. But there is a lot of work to do around here...for another day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

days 2 and 3

My brother, sister-in-law and nephews came to Oregon so we met at my parents for the weekend. I drove up on Friday morning. Amazed at how fast the drive went when the kids and I were having fun together. We made up games and sang songs. Before I knew it we only had about 20 minutes to go! We had pizza dinner and enjoyed being with our cousins.

Papa N treated everyone, including sister and another nephew and nieces to the Oregon Zoo on Saturday. Nine kids nine years and under with five adults. We felt slightly outnumbered but had a fantastic day. It was a cool and overcast morning. Unfortunately I was expecting July weather and had not brought cool weather clothes. The little guys shared a blanket in the stroller and I had one sweatshirt which delicate #1 used. #2 is tough and didn't need a coat! The sun finally showed up and we were all grateful. All the animals were out and pretty active. The kids ran from exhibit to exhibit shouting back and forth for their cousin to see what they were seeing. It was fun for the adults to watch them enjoy being together so much.

We don't do this often enough.

My "faithful" blogging audiance will notice a new addition to my post tonight...a photo! I'm so pleased to announce the purchase of a new camera. I am thrilled with it. Although I want this camera, I am so excited to be able to take pictures again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 1

Mr. Wiedz is out on business this week. I'm looking at the week and wondering if I'll ever survive. This morning is a good indication that I won't.

The kids and I have been working on memorizing Colossians 3:15 together. The very end of the verse, "And be thankful" was part of our vacation bible school "power verses". I read some great articles over at that spoke about using the Bible and the whole Bible even with the littlest so I thought we could and should tackle the whole verse.

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body
you were called to peace. And be thankful." Colossians 3:15

It dawned on me as I was working with #1 and #2 on the verse that there is a major lesson there. We are called to peace. Us, in this very household. That day we talked about peace. What we could do to live in peace together. How fighting, arguing and being mean to one another was not peace. But that laughing, playing, helping one another and using kind words and actions was a house and a home filled with peace. As an additional benefit when some correction is needed I just need to ask if what their involved in is helping our home be peaceful or not peaceful. They get it and they see how their actions promote peace in the "body" of our home and family.

I've tried to come up with some major distractions for our week without Mr. Wiedz. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog posts running amuck in my head...

So I have this new outlook to in blog articles. Everywhere I look I see something my kids are doing or something we've done together that I could post about. A couple of problems with this outlook: 1. I have no blog audience 2. I don't have the time to blog every time I think of something to say and 3. I have no camera to document what prompted the post.

This third issue is causing me daily moping about. I look anew for places #3 could have stashed the camera but with no luck. I wish I had tried harder June 21st when I first noticed it missing. Things are always easier to find when they first go missing. I wish I had been taken more seriously about the problem by the other members of my household so they could've helped me look. But alas, it is missing and could possibly not turn up for quite some time. I've got to get over it. I will just try to describe what I've seen or experienced that prompts my blog musings.

The latest cuteness. The latest round of camera hunting. Mr. Wiedz went to town taking #2 for some alone time while doing errands for his trip coming up. As #1 and #3 and I headed back into the house #1 asked what we'd be doing while the guys were gone. I informed her I needed to keep working on picking up the house and she should work on her house too. She looked strangely at me, "what house?" I got her thinking that she had her own house, her room. Complete with kitchen, tea she had setup. Living room, chairs strategically placed for her and her doll. She disappeared into her room/house when we got in and as I passed by later she had donned an apron and was working away. SO CUTE!

Oh, what I would give for a camera! You (the nearly non-existant, invisible blog audience) wish I had a camera too, don't you?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Is this a dream?"

Saturday we celebrated #1’s 7th birthday with the family party, a bbq at our home. It was small as far as extended family gatherings go (thanks rising gas prices) and not to be confused with the school-friends party earlier in the week. #1 picked out cheeseburgers for lunch and all the fixings.

The presents were what it was all about this year. #1 had asked for an American Girl doll, Kit Kitterage. She had picked Kit out of the catalog that arrived at our house in May. She poured over all the things you can get for the doll. Grandparents N asked what she wanted most and after the mama saying no to a pony, she said, “Kit.”

I couldn’t wait for her to open it…I knew she’d be elated. And she was. Bright eyes, wide grin, so thrilled.

Later, after all the guests had left, the cake was gone but of course NOTHING was put away and there was dinner to prepare. She stood in the middle of the kitchen holding Kit and the following conversation ensued:

“Is this a dream?”

“Is what a dream?”

“Having Kit. Getting what I wanted most of all.”

No, my darling, getting what you want most of all isn’t always a dream. But I suppose it does feel that way sometimes.

Kit didn’t completely steal the show though, Papa W had wrapped up an Ipod, which was 2nd on her list. She also got some great t-shirts, a gift card, and some plain ‘ol green. Grandparents D, the writing Grandma got her a dictionary. Sounds a little funny, but #1 loves words, love writing, and loves doing it right on her own (looking up her own words to spell correctly instead of being told how to spell it). First thing she said when she opened it, “this will help me with my story”.

Quite a dreamy day!
(No pictures, still no camera although I did take some with borrowed cameras, now I’ve got to get CD’s burned and all that that takes.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So I'm here...

I've been a "lurker" on many blogs for years now. It all started when I was in the middle of separation anxiety with #3. I felt trapped, alone, and frustrated. I was hoping there was another mom out there who was in the same boat. Who could tell me I wasn't a bad mom for feeling this way. What I found was a lot of moms who don't have their act completely together. I don't always agree with the way they parent but I don't know them or their kids so it doesn't matter. What it taught me was that there are others out there, doing something similar to what I'm doing any given day, and some of them even have jam stuck to the floors and piles of laundry. I've also enjoyed seeing the crafting and creating and photos that reading these blogs has shown me. I wished when I made something I could post a picture and show it off. Mr. Wiedz is really good at encouraging me about my crafts but it just isn't the same. And the photography has been fun. I look at the heads of lettus in my garden so much differently now...I need to take a picture of them. I am sad to say that my camera is lost...somewhere in my home (but that's a different story) so this inagural post will come without photo. But there will be more.

So I've jumped in. Hello internet, I'm here.