Wednesday, January 2, 2013

:: Yarn Along ::

Reading and knitting are two of my favorite things...I also really enjoy "yarning along" with Ginny.


On the needles :: I'm working on a sweater vest for #5. I was so excited to finish the front and block both pieces so I could do the neckband and armbands...but I suck at picking up stitches. I tried, but it was wrong and looked terrible. I got some beautiful bulky yellow yarn for Christmas and found a scarf pattern right away to cast on (ravelry notes here). I love both the yarn and the pattern but somehow together they are not working too well. I'll continue on but I can only do a couple rows at a sitting before I'm not feeling the knitting mojo anymore.

On the nightstand :: I've got a lot going on with my reading right now...we made a trip to the library the other day and I paid up all our fees including our yearly "non-resident" fee (I was the largest transaction the kid had rang up). My mother-in-law had come with us so I was even able to go upstairs to the grown up section. I found two historical novels that looked interesting. But right now I am digging through One Thousand Gifts. It is a beautiful book. There's really a lot to it and I'm enjoying the thinking my brain does with what I read even days after I read it.

What are you reading? Making? Share in the comments and head over to Ginny's to link up!


momto5 said...

one of the vests i made for christmas i had to pick up stitches, i think i did and redid that collar 5 or six times. lol good luck.

karen said...

love the vest and the neutral color! I have to pay a non resident annual fee as well. It's worth it!