Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The first of many, I'm sure!

This past weekend we went camping at a cabin Mr. Wiedz has been helping his best friend build for the past year. The cabin's final inspection was coming up and the guys had a couple outside things to do but, inside was safe for kids to be in the cabin. The loft had a railing. The tools were put away. The floor was done. It was warm. So the inaugural family weekend came and we packed up for a fun weekend in the woods. I'll blog about the actual trip later.
Today I have a different story.

After we got to the cabin on Friday we played outside, exploring the surrounding woods. I'd gotten myself HOOKED on the "Twilight" series and was into book 2 for our drive. So I mostly followed the boys around with my book and a camp chair so I could watch them and read at the same time. About 11:30-12:00 I decided that since it was trying to rain so much the boys and I would go in and I'd see if a bottle would get #4 to fall asleep.
I brought the Lego's in for the big boys (#1 was riding with our friend's wife and daughter after swim lessons that morning so she wasn't there yet) and went back out to get the milk from the cooler. When I came back in #2 was on the floor in the hall screaming. Now it is important to realize that I often come back into a room to one of my children screaming. #2 in particular. It is his natural first reaction to scream like the devil is chasing him when one of his siblings does something to him. For all I could have known #3 could have smacked him.

It didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that #2 had fallen out of the loft and landed 9 FEET below on the floor.

After about an hour of asking him to move each finger, wiggle his toes, searching him head to toe, getting him to calm down and having many discussions about going to the Burns ER we decided that his arm was the most hurt but that it seemed sprained or bruised deeply. I made him a sling from a t-shirt and gave him Tylenol.

After a few more days of camping we came home and #2 was still in a lot of pain. We noticed that he couldn't do certain things like pull up his pants or put on his shoes. We decided that it was necessary to get some x-rays of his arm and really know what was wrong.

I took him to the Dallas ER and after x-rays and a short visit from the doctor we had this.

And yesterday a visit to our family doctor, the result:

Both of the bones in his wrist are cracked. 4 weeks in a cast. Our first broken bones!

We are thanking God everyday that He spared us from all the other injuries that could have been the result from that fall. The Dr. just shook his head over and over. The Dr. also told me to keep #2 from running, riding his bike, jumping, or anything else that could cause him to fall. I reminded him that we were talking about a 5 year old boy in the summer! He just smiled! How nice.

His arm is doing well and the pain is gone. He's already complaining about the cast and wanting it off. He also asks a lot for toothpick so he can reach the itchy place.

It is going to be a long 4 weeks.

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