Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Reading

Today I pulled out our summer books for our basket.

Quite awhile ago I read a Soulemama post about having seasonal books arranged in a basket. I store our books between seasons so it is a fun surprise and like finding a treasure when it's time to get them out again.

When I gathered the summer books I realized that our pile is very skimpy.

Here's the titles we have so far:
  • Graduation Day Is Here by Grace Maccarone
  • The 10 Best Things About My Dad by Christine Loomis
  • My Daddy and Me by Amy Sklansky
  • America the Beautiful

See. Skimpy.

Please leave some recommendations in the comments. I'd love to pump up our summer reading.

We are going to the library today and I'm armed with a list I made from some of my fave blogger's lists. And, I hadn't thought of this before, I'll be taking along the Sonlight catalog I got to look for some titles from their lists for #2 and #1.

#2 is really starting to take off in his reading and I'm hoping to use the summer months to get him to a little more independent stage. If anyone has grade-school aged kids Barnes & Noble is offering a free book for their summer reading program. #1 is going to work on that, she's already finished a Nancy Drew book (I haven't even read any of these) and just started The Boxcar Children last night (be still my heart, I loved that book when I was her age)!

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