Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Philly : Day 2

Today I had a relaxing day. After sleeping in I went for a walk to the Rittenhouse District, which I thought would be a cool boutique-y district but it wasn't. It had a nice park but not very many shops that I was interested in. I had seen an ad for a needlepoint store which I was hoping to go to but, of course, it was closed. My luck!

I had lunch at the same place as yesterday. Another delicious slice of pizza!

After lunch I walked down to Antiques Row but was again a little disappointing. Another GREAT park which I sat and had a chat with a great friend and made some lists and jotted down some thoughts. But no antique shops that I was interested in.

A long walk back to find protesters outside the convention center near our hotel. President Obama was on his way today to an event in the convention center and my guess is that protesters show up every place he does.

We even watched the motorcade arrive from our hotel window.

We walked the LONG walk to "Jim Steaks" for Philly Cheesesteaks on the recommendation of a friend. I wasn't interested in the cheesesteak but Mr. Wiedz enjoyed his. Another LONG walk back to the hotel then we changed and went to the casino night that his convention put on It was really fun although we didn't win any of the raffle prizes.

Tomorrow is the Liberty Bell and all the other historic tour stuff. I'm really looking forward to it and starting to really miss my kids. The pictures below I took mostly for their benefit. We don't see big buildings, police just standing waiting to be helpful, motorcades or cheesesteaks where we're from.

::big buildings
:: our hotel
:: ornate Chinatown arch
:: police waiting and watching the area
:: President motorcade, the closest to any President Mr. Wiedz and I have ever been
:: cool police motorcycles that were part of the motorcade
:: protesters
:: protesters
:: Mr. Wiedz' dinner, Philly cheesesteak and St. Pauli Girl beer
:: worth the walk
:: on the way back we stumbled onto Washington Square and found the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I was hoping to see this and was glad that we stumbled upon it as I wouldn't have found it otherwise.

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