Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Philly : Day 3

My last full day in Philadelphia was the day I had saved for the historic "stuff".

Last night we went to the casino night put on by Mr. Wiedz' convention. It was really fun. The convention gave us each "$2000" to play with. After an evening of playing black jack, poker or other casino games you used the money to buy raffle tickets and put them into bowls for the different prizes the sponsors had supplied. There was a lot of prizes, I put in for gas cards and Macy's gift cards. I didn't win but we were there until 11:30pm so it was a late night.

So after sleeping in for my last morning I got down to the Phlash trolley and rode to the Independence Visitors Center area. My first stop was the National Constitution Center.

I had gotten a brochure about the center one of my first days here and thought it looked like the one thing I'd like to spend money doing. If you're ever in the Philadelphia area I totally recommend the Constitution Center. Part of the $12 admission was the "Liberty Ring" show. The show was wonderful! I was teary by the end just from the power of it all.

Part of The National Constitution Center is the Signers Hall, life-size bronze statues of the Constitution signers.

One of my favorite groupings was the dissenters. There is a note on their table that says "dissent is an honorable American tradition". I really liked that part.
The hall of flags was also really great.
After The National Constitution Center I met Mr. Wiedz and we went on to see the Liberty Bell. The whole Liberty Bell Center is really well put together and it really leads up to seeing the bell nicely. We both enjoyed the Liberty Bell.
We walked around a bit, seeing old buildings, the new Quaker meeting house, the burial spot of Benjamin Franklin and such.

We went on the free tour of the US Mint which was neat. They weren't actually working the machines which would have been better and there is only one path to take through the building so that once you start you just keep walking and walking until you're done. It got a little long and a little stuffy but it was free and a fun thing to see.
Another tall building because every time we see them we think the kids would think it is cool.
I disappear again tomorrow. Back home again with no Internet access.

we are really missing the kids and can't wait to get home. It will be a long trip back. We have to leave the hotel at 3:45am and fly most of the day but we are really to be home!

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Anonymous said...

your travels sound like so much fun glad you were able to go! i know the kids will love having you back too!