Friday, February 26, 2010

A present for M.T.

Last year around the first of January I made a list of birthdays and holidays with ideas on gifts so I’d be ready. Some of that worked. Some of it just added to my guilt. Some of it added to my unfinished project tub. But I stand by the idea so I made a new list this year.

One of the early birthdays in our family is my cousin Scary’s daughter who will turned one last week.

In internet land I saw some knitted balls which I thought were so cute but out of my knitting abilities. So I figured I could knit squares, put them together, stuff and make knitted blocks. I gathered all my supplies in a bag and took it with me to wrestling, basketball, glucose tests…anywhere I sat still. I worked on knitting squares everywhere I went.

I was even trying out one of my Christmas presents, a gauge ruler. I was doing everything to make sure my squares were the same size so they’d go together into blocks. One evening I had about four squares done and started measuring…they were each a different size.

So I looked up the knitted balls pattern again and realized it was possible.

I rearranged my supply bag and made my first knitted ball. It was smaller than I wanted but I didn’t have all the right supplies (my needles were smaller and my yarn wasn’t as bulky) but each ball I made I tweaked the pattern (I used and finally got the size I was hoping for.

In the end I got 5 fun knitted balls for little M to crawl around after and throw and chew.

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