Friday, February 19, 2010


Had an ultrasound to measure baby yesterday. I'm seeing new midwives this time around who have never met me before and only did when I was already 30 weeks so they had no way of guessing size based on prior experience like my other doctors could. Plus that little notation in my chart about having a 10 pound baby before makes them wonder.

He measures right on track to be another big boy, sitting at an estimated 7 pounds at 34 weeks.

Baby cooperated so well and we got some wonderful pictures.

That bright spot on the right above his forehead is hair!

He was sure not shy showing off that he is indeed a boy. #1 was little disappointed, she was holding out hope that the 20 week ultrasound was wrong.

Only 39 days to go according to the counter at the top of the page. The midwife did say yesterday that I'd likely not go to my due date in the hopes of not having another 10 pound baby!


Another Stacy said...

Great pix!! Can't believe he's already seven pounds! You and your ginormous children! Glad things are going well for you. xoxoxox

Aly sun said...

Wow! So excited for you. I love ultra sound pictures. It would make me a bit nervous to think about a 10 pounder. You are super woman!

Anonymous said...