Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back at it

Remember this?

It felt like I'd forgotten I even owned this piece of machinery. But I got back at it last Thursday. I had it all planned out. Big kids in bed, #5 happily fed and hanging out with Mr. Wiedz, me doing something good for myself, getting back at the routine.

Unfortunately my plan laughed in my face...over and over. Mr. Wiedz had to work late so I was left to put everyone to bed myself, leaving me feeling a little grumpy. So they were in bed by 7:30...

#5 was fed...but NOT happy. For some reason determination got a hold of me though. I broke out the bouncy seat and found the pacifier we have not had to use much. I got some headphones for the ipod and stretched out.
After all that the treadmill almost refused to work. I'm glad for whatever produced my determination because had I been able I might have thrown the treadmill out the window.

Alas I preserved, warming up with 3/4 a mile then running a mile and cooling down with another 1/2 mile.

All that too say I think I was a little early in my zeal to get back at it. I hurt in places I don't want to hurt and have decided to wait another week or so before I try is only 3 weeks old.


Arlene Kovash said...

Hey, great quilt! I love the colors and glad you got the fabric. Congrats on the baby, too! Wished I hadn't missed you.

Aly sun said...

I'm still here. I took your link off only after it had been quite some time since an update. I'm adding you back on right now!

I'm glad to see your blogging again. There is something gratifying about sharing triumphs and struggles.

Have you heard of the Shred? I am doing it right now and takes only 20 minutes a day. It is a very good workout and combines weights and cardio. You might really enjoy it (8.99 from Amazon or Walmart).