Monday, June 14, 2010

At the end of May the Wiedz family headed out to Florence for Rhody Days with my cousin, Scary and her family. I have always loved Rhody Days. One of my fondest memories of my childhood was going to the Rhody Days carnival with my grandpa. I don’t know if any of my memory is correct about that visit to Rhody Days but I do hold on to it anyways, and hope that our going now with our kids gives them similar memories.
Scary and I walked the 5K Rhody Run Saturday morning. We got up to pouring rain and headed out to the walk start. We did mention that if we hadn’t already registered and paid our money we probably wouldn’t have been there. But it stopped raining for most of our walk. We had a nice time and it felt good to start the day with some exercise. I had trained and ran the 5K last year but didn’t have the time with #5 born this year. I’ll be ready for next year though.
Of course the kids remember the carnival and started asking about that as soon as Scary and I were back. Unfortunately it was still pouring down rain. Small town carnivals aren’t that awesome anyways, in the rain with 7 children...I’m just saying. So we told the kids to direct all their thoughts and prayers towards the weather clearing up. Wouldn’t you know it about lunch time we saw breaks in the clouds and little peeks of BLUE sky! The kids noticed too. We told them if it was at least like that and possibly even better we’d go after the little kid’s naps. And wouldn’t you know it...BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful, which doesn’t really happen too often in Florence, so we packed up hit the Rhody Days carnival. Each kid got to pick 2 rides, still costing an arm and a leg. For some reason Mr. Wiedz wore #5 and I went on rides this year. The girls went on the ferris wheel all by themselves! And #2 and #3 went on the “dizzy dragons” (think tea cups) by themselves! #4 got a ride with Scary and Miss T on the merry-go-round and with his brothers on some flying airplane thing. We shared a $4 Pepsi but skipped the elephant ear...carnival on a budget. *sigh*

An extra blessing of this year’s Rhody Days was Scary’s birthday fell on the same weekend. I offered to make the cake so Coco wouldn’t have to think about that and I stitched up some pillowcases from a Posie Gets Cozy pattern. So we go to celebrate that too!

The girls spent a majority of the weekend making plans to open a salon. “Triple M” was the name, Massages, Makeovers and More until Coco wouldn’t allow “massages” on the signs they wanted to hang out on the street posts so the name was changed to Manicure, Makeovers and More. Much more appropriate for 8 1/2—9 year olds, dontcha think? Miss A was determined that this be an actual enterprise and was quite upset when Scary wouldn’t allow her to distribute flyers at the parade Sunday morning advertising their $2 “hairdos”. Scary made an appointment did take her over 10 minutes to get the string, fishing line and beads out of her hair later!
Mr. Wiedz and #5 got some quality time, the grown ups had a little Super Mario Bros. Wii time and I got some knitting in.

A fabulous weekend! Can’t wait for next year!

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the salon sounds like a great idea! hilarious! :)