Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day Bike Ride

Mr. Wiedz isn’t a cemetery person. He doesn’t like them. Doesn’t “get” the whole flower, visiting graves “thing”. Personally I think cemeteries are pretty cool. The history. The quiet. The interesting shapes, light, trees, experience. I think there is an importance in the honoring of those that have passed. I agree with Mr. Wiedz that no one is there but still.

My favorite part of the last Rocky movie is that Rocky keeps a chair in the tree near Adrian’s grave, he sits there all day, she’s all he has even after she’s gone.
So Memorial Day has never really been much other than a day off.

We told the kids this year we’d have a fun weekend so we had to come up with something.
Sunday afternoon we packed the bikes into the back of Rocky (our Suburban) and headed out to Alton Baker Park. The kids have never gone on a bike ride before.

#3 had recently taken his training wheels off and still wasn’t so good at starting but he improved SO much on our little ride.

One of the funniest parts of Alton Baker Park is the ducks and geese. We saw a little family of baby geese being followed around by their parents. I could of sat and watched them all day.

#4 was pretty cute on the trike. He spent most of the time at the end of the line but he kept at it and had a great time.

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