Monday, November 22, 2010

A quick recap of what we did this weekend...

It was a crazy one.

#3 started soccer on Thursdays at a Kick City. After a rocky start (oh, shyness you rear your head in the strangest of circumstances) he LOVED it!

Mr. Wiedz and I ran in the EWEB Run to Stay Warm event. It was a beautiful fall day, no rain. We both finished and jogged the whole thing which was a major goal. I finished in about 36 minutes.

#2 had his first basketball game (we missed last weeks due to Early Christmas). He's really great at defense...even playing it when he's supposed to be on offense! He had fun and it was all cute to watch!

#1 had her first volleyball games, 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday (again we missed the actual first ones last weekend). She improved her serving just between the days and got a chance to even pass it over the net a couple of times!

Just the start, I know, but a busy weekend for the Wiedz household!

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