Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 Months


Oh! The baby is 7 months old already! Can you believe it?! We can't. 

She's sitting like a pro and rolling around and scooting backwards to get around the room. Adorable but a little challenging for this household of other little people who don't pick up after themselves...we are having a lot of conversations about little pieces of paper and plastic and legos.

We started eating a little rice cereal but she wasn't too into it and I'm a little lazy so it hasn't become a regular thing.

She's a little bit of a thing, my most petite baby. So sweet and tiny.

I am loving these monthly photos, it is so fun to watch her grow and change. I made a collage of the first six months on the way it turned out.



Stefanie said...

how can it be 7 months already!

she is so cute...looks like you and Nathan too...of course, that's fitting!

Stefanie said...


Hi! I wonder if I have your email...

Anyway...I tried doing the photobucket thing and the pics turned out gianormous on my blog and I couldn't see the entire pic.

Thoughts? Thanks! So glad you are a blogger!