Thursday, December 27, 2012

:: 9 Months ::


Of course it's almost been a month since I took this adorable picture of my 9 month old baby girl. That also means it's almost been a month since she was 9 months can it possibly be that she's getting so big! Right before her 9th month she started pulling herself up. She had gotten to a standing position on our {unused} fireplace but I came home from work one afternoon and the babysitter shared that she'd done it holding onto the couch! We were all so surprised! Of course she has since learned how to cruise along the couch and between furniture. And the all-important getting back to the ground. She even bends over now to pick things up. And she pulls up on ANYTHING now that she's figured out this trick. She's also clapping now which is ADORABLE!!! She finally outgrew the 6month clothes and like most of my babies seems content to skip the 9 month size and go directly to the 12 month.

Who knows...maybe her 10th month post will get up before she's nearly a year old.

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Kate B said...

I can't believe how big she is, and how mobile! Such a sweetie. =)