Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to you!

I told you all about the cake yesterday...

Today, we party!

The Wiedz clan ventured out to Grandparents D's for a swim party and mini birthday celebration.

Grandparents D live in a condo with a community pool a short walk from their doorstep.

After a nice chicken lunch courtesy of the Lamb's deli we grabbed our towels and life jackets and made tracks to the pool.

The kids had a blast jumping and splashing and hanging out with grandparents, grandma great, aunt and uncle P and miss B.

#5 loves water and contentedly sat on Grandma D's lap on the steps while I lounged *yes, lounged!* in the sun. I got #5 back when it was time for his afternoon meal and a fabulous snooze in the shade of the umbrella.

After some hours at the pool...seriously it was so much fun I lost track of time...we headed back to the condo to light the birthday candles and serenade the man.

The party was quick to break up at that point...the men were headed back to our house for a BBQ and a early morning tee time the next day. While the kids and I headed up to Grandparents N's for the rest of the weekend.
Happy Birthday Mr. Wiedz!

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