Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The making of a birthday cake

We got to celebrate a birthday in the World of Wiedz this weekend! Mr. Wiedz celebrated his 33rd birthday on Saturday.

I've always liked trying to make a big deal out of birthdays. We've woken to streamers hanging from ceilings and door-jams. We've walked out to breakfast to be greeted by streams of silly string. We've had special signs telling the birthday person how special they are.

For Mr. Wiedz I wanted to make his favorite cake. Yellow with chocolate frosting. I decided to go scratch with the cake and frosting. And in a moment of craziness or extra time on my hands I thought everyone could help me.

It was daddy Wiedz' birthday after all.

So a cake from scratch with 4 helpers...
  • I let anyone who wanted to use the butter wrapper to grease the pan.
  • Each "helper" got a bowl and sat at their place at the table. Into the bowl we measured flour, baking powder and salt. Each measurement from the recipe broken down into fourths so everyone would have equal.
  • I creamed the butter with the mixer then let each "helper" measure in a fourth of the sugar.
  • Each "helper" got to crack an egg into a glass, bring it over and pour it into the mixer. Actually #1 got the job of helping #4 with his egg (only 3 eggs in this cake recipe).
  • Each "helper" brought over their bowl of dry ingredients, poured it in, followed by some milk so to alternate the milk and dry ingredients per the recipe.
All done. A cake made with love. Lots of love!

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