Thursday, July 29, 2010

What #1 is doing this summer




#1 has been going to a knitting and crocheting class at the Girl Scout office in our town. She's had a lot of fun practicing and learning. I had taught her some basic crocheting but hadn't taken the plunge on teaching any knitting yet. She's taken to knitting really well and has gotten even better at crocheting. Taking pride in her pieces and trying her best.

She's got a list a mile long of projects she wants to work on...I think it's going to be a #1-knit (or crochet) Christmas.

And the reading...I had always had a strong policy on Harry Potter. I love the books and movies but felt they were not appropriate for the kids. Mr. Wiedz talked me into letting them watch the first movie, then the second, then the third. And since they'd watched them then I figured there was nothing wrong with reading them, especially since the books are even better than the movies.

A slippery slope indeed but I've laid down my more movies or books.

We're trying to have a fun and relaxing summer. #1 is doing well to accomplish that.

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