Monday, January 31, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Mr. Wiedz and #2 participated in a Cub Scout tradition this month. The pinewood derby.

The packmaster gave each boy a block of pinewood for Christmas and the beginning of January Mr. Wiedz and #2 got started. They made a plan. They decided to make a replicate our drift boat, Wiedz Wonder.

They went to the neighbors and used the drill press to make holes in the body so they could sand out the inside.

Once the inside was completely sanded and ready to go. #2 added paint to the whole thing.

The details were the most fun. Though I didn't get pictures of them being made for the most part. They used clay to form seats and the anchor and paddles. This part was many days of forming and drying and painting.

Brother even helped!
Mr. Wiedz and #2 were so proud of their finished product.

The actual derby day came. It was a whole family affair (and I found out two days before that I was needing to bring 2-3 dozen homemade treats to share) and we were all excited to go and support #2 with his Cub Scout event.

When it came down to it his boat was too narrow to fit on the track so it didn't get to race. We were so proud of his good attitude and his support of the other Cub Scouts. He sat and watched all the other races and cheered for his friends. He didn't get upset about his car not making it.

He did get a best in show certificate and his boat was displayed on the prize table. Lots of people took pictures and came to see it.

He's so cute. I'm so proud. 

There are plans already for next years speed racer!

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