Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rowing :: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

We "rowed" Goodnight Moon this week. Now, most everyone has read this book to their children since before they were born. I have not. We haven't even had a copy before this Christmas. But it is a cute little book. I'm glad we have it now!

The boys and I have settled into a nice routine with the work we do together in the mornings. Right after "circle time" the big kids set to doing their independent work and we sit and read the book then start our activity. The only wrinkle I'm needing to work out is that #3 doesn't want to read the book by the end of the week. 

We started the week with mush just like in the book. #3 likes cream of wheat just like his daddy but everyone else had oatmeal.

Art ::
I don't get out the painting supplies very often but this week I thought they would really like it and I also thought it would keep they happily occupied while I got started with the big kids. They painted green rooms just like where the story takes place.

Seat work Activities ::

I got a couple of activities to do with the boys at the table. We did a sequencing paper where they glued the correct  picture as I read the story. This one was put together a little strange so as I cut them out I sorted them and only used pictures that represented items that were said goodnight to. I even put #4's in order for him.

We made mini-books of colors. 

Moon shapes. They just don't know how lucky they are that they got to paint twice in one week! I also used this water coloring activity as bait for the big kids to finish their math up then they could join in the water coloring. I had drawn stars in white on the papers then told the kids to paint night skies. The little guys didn't even notice the stars other than #4 really tried to make the paint stick to them. I also drew moon shapes for them to paint...we meant to cut them out and mount them...maybe early next week.

#4's night sky turned out so cool...he used lots of colors and really worked on it.
#4 doesn't even seem into painting...just done as fast as he can be. The moon shapes didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned. I really wanted them to use yellow but thought better to let them just do their own thing....

I wanted to get them balloons to play with but since I hardly leave the house it didn't happen!

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