Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Last "Row" :: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Weeks ago now the boys and I "rowed" our last book  of the school year. I kept waiting to post about it because there were a couple more things we could have done, but we haven't and so I'm ready to put it all away for the year. I'm really ready to start planning next year...

But, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? was a great book. The boys enjoyed the rhyming and could relate to Jesse Bear's day.

I printed out the bear and clothes for the boys to color. The intention after that was to cut apart the pages, laminate, and put velcro on so they could play with them. The coloring happened, but nothing else. They didn't ask about it so I'm thinking they are missing anything but it took me a couple weeks to put behind me that I flaked that one.


Another item from HomeschoolShare. This was just right for #3 and took a lot of guidance for #4. They love the activities that have their own little pockets so right away this was a hit.


Eat healthy like Jesse Bear ::

In the book Jesse Bear has a healthy lunch. I would have been dreaming if I thought my kids would eat sprouts so I didn't even buy any or try it out. We did have an apple and carrots for our morning snack. The boys each got to help with making the snack and shared it with their brothers and sister.



Later in the week #4 was drinking milk with another meal or snack and pointed out that he had a mustache just like Jesse Bear. "Hurry, get the camera! Take a picture, Mama!" Who am I to deny his brilliance?


The boys and I had an incredible year rowing these books together. I think they have learned a lot but in such a gentle way that they don't even realize it was school or work. We just had fun! We just cuddled together and read books, great books, and did some great projects together.

Next year I'm planning on continuing with Five In A Row for #3's Kindergarten and integrating #4's preschool alphabet focus with it. I'm planning and planning and trying to get as much as I can ready...remember when I was prepared we had even more fun! And #5 isn't going to be taking two naps next year, I'm going to need all the pre-planning and preparation I can get.

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