Thursday, June 2, 2011

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny, over at small things, again with yarn along. A single photo of a current knitting or crocheting project with a current read. I am really loving these posts, taking a moment to think about what and why I'm knitting or reading. I read...a lot. And I knit...not as much as I'd like but I do have 2-4 projects going either on the needles or in my brain. Leave a comment to share your yarn along.


On the needles :: 

baby socks from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I've never tried socks before and they have caused more ripping out than I ever do while knitting, actually last night I started completely over. But I think I've finally "gotten" it and I'm so happy with how it is turning out. Since they are baby socks and I now get what I'm supposed to be doing I'm thinking I'll be able to get them done for my deadline :: baby celebration for my cousin Scary this Sunday. Yarn is Rowan Belle Organic by Amy Bulter DK weight in Robins Egg. I love it.

On my nightstand :: 

#1 and I have been reading together {read: competing over} The Lost Hero by Rick Roirdian. She waited on the hold list at the library for months for this book. It was so good. We'll be in line to buy book 2 when it is released this fall, no library waits for that one! Once she finished I could read it whenever I wanted which meant my sink is full of dishes and the laundry hasn't been folded since I was reading any free moments away. But now that I'm done I've moved on to The Widow's War by Sally Gunning. A couple of weeks ago I posted about The Rebellion of Jane Clarke written by the same author. The Widow's War comes first, which I wish I had known, but it was nice to recognize characters as I started the book.

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