Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday #4!

By the time you're pregnant with your fourth child you think you've got it all figured out. But leave it to pregnancy/children to make sure you know that you have nothing figured out.

When I first learned I was pregnant (let me tell you that was a shock) I calculated my due date at early November but when I went to my first prenatal appointment we learned that my due date was October 9th. I was already 4 weeks further along than I had ever dreamed!

So now I have #2 whose birthday is October 1st and I'm due October 9th. But I know my pregnancies and I have had all my babies 1 week early...that would be October 1. My plan back in March of that year was to go as long as I could toward the 9th...but let's face it, 9 months later I was ready as soon as the Dr. would go.

I had my appointment September 29th and the doctor told me to come to the hospital on her next "on call" day, October 2nd. All thoughts of going longer toward the 9th was out the window...lets deliver this baby!

The 2nd of October 2007 we made the trip to the hospital early in the morning and I again had that strange feeling of going to have a baby without being in labor. Dr. L came in and broke my water early that morning and I got ready to go into labor...sounds strange, doesn't it.
This time though I only felt like laying in bed. I didn't want to walk around, though I did a little. After a couple of hours of contractions but nothing worthy of having a baby...every nurse in the hall commented that I was still smiling, a clear sign I was not in strong enough labor. Dr. L decided to start me on pitocin. All my other labors I had been able to avoid pitocin but this time things just weren't moving along and it didn't seem like it could hurt.

Hurt it did! My contractions started right up and were two minutes apart. I tried walking, I tried sitting in the tub, I tried sitting, I tried standing, I tried swaying (it had always worked for me). The nurse checked me and I had barely dilated...I burst into tears. So miserable and so upset that all the pain and work hadn't produced anything. The nurse was supportive and sweet. Mr. Wiedz got right down to business. I walked for an hour and sat in the tub for 1/2 hour.

It all gets a little fuzzy after that...Mr. Wiedz, labor coach extraordinaire, and his prescription worked. My labor was fast and furious at that point. I asked for the swatting bar, thinking that would be the wasn't but it was great for doing calf presses against. Who knows how much longer but at 4 something in the afternoon October 2nd, 2007 we welcomed #4 into our family.

Today we celebrated #4 turning one. Although for this birthday all it meant was some streamers hung above his bed and the door frame. The party is tomorrow for both my birthday boys.

#4 is the easiest baby I've ever had. He does his own little thing and only comes around if he's hungry or tired. He even lets the other kids "play" with him. He's so sweet and our family is blessed by him.

Happy Birthday #4!

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