Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still constructing...

Our remodel project is nearing some steps of completion but it still feels like we'll be trapped in remodel land FOREVER!We have old light fixtures partly down so we can paint under them but still have light. Once the paint dries Mr. Wiedz will install the new fixtures.And we're now living with paint fumes. Mr. Wiedz and I stayed up late getting the rolling done on our room where the new texture was dry. And we repainted our bathroom so the rooms have the same color palette. The painting continues today, getting all the corners we neglected last night as well as finding all the spots we missed.The balance of course is keeping the project moving forward but without the kids or family time suffering. Mr. Wiedz tends to get pretty single-minded when he's working on a project so I'm trying to keep him to manageable pieces today. He's finishing the light paint in our room this morning. This afternoon he'll install light fixtures and we'll move all the furniture from our new closet and our new hall into our room, tonight we can paint the closet and hall. Hopefully we can finish all the details on Sunday. Then we'll be able to work on the boy's room Monday.

Isn't remodeling FUN!

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