Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little home project

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Mr. Wiedz and I bought our home over 6 years ago. Prior to moving in Mr. Wiedz did a major renovation. Left out of the remodel at the time was a long narrow hallway that was original to the house and was weird. But it was something no one knew how to get rid of so it stayed. Last weekend Mr. Wiedz and I were talking about reorganizing our closet/purging old clothes that haven't seen the front of the closet in some time. This discussion led to dreaming how nice it would be to have a bigger closet...well lets knock out the wall and make a bigger closet right here... That train of thought led us through that entire side of the house, making changes and talking about what we could do.

Mr. Wiedz caught the vision! At this point were were just making bigger closets and a bigger room for all the boys to share. But at a point when he realized the wall next in line to come down was most likely a bearing wall and was made of lath and plaster a new vision came to him. A vision he could really get excited about!...He could get rid of the narrow hallway that had plagued him for 6 years.
Once Mr. Wiedz "catches the vision" he is ready to act. I asked him when we might take on this project...crowbar in hand he said, "right now!" That was on Saturday. Keep in mind Mr. Wiedz will be off for another business trip shortly, but he promised walls and doors before he leaves.

Starting Saturday he tore down and Tuesday his dad J came to help wire. Wednesday he hung drywall and today started the hot mud/taping process. I'm so tired of how dirty everything is. There is dust everywhere! And piles of stuff moved from space to space to make room for the next phase.The boys have really gotten into the remodeling project. Helping, chewing on nails, crawling through drywall dust, hammering, fetching tools, cleaning up (#2's favorite thing is vacuuming) and trying to do whatever they see Mr. Wiedz or (as below) they see Grandpa D doing (course we discourage playing with outlets...they just get extra pieces of wire to crimp and use the pliers on).Well, were done for this stage...Mr. Wiedz will be away for a couple of days and I have my promised walls, though there is no door on the boys' room...that's ok.


I am tired of the mess and the work but I am excited for my new storage closet that used to be that horrible narrow hallway. And I got wall sconces on either side of my bed...I've always wanted those! And what girl doesn't dream of a walk-in closet? We really will enjoy our new layout and we think it is a more appealing floor plan if we ever decide to sell.

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