Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 Little Loaves

With no Mr. Wiedz at home this week and no K today I was worried the kids and I would go crazy. I started out the morning with a baking project.

Each of #1, #2, and #3 got their own bowl and own ingredients (I measured everything out for them, of course) and they mixed and floured and kneaded. #1 even helped #3 get his dough kneaded so it wasn't all sticky...a great helping sissy, she is!

They drizzled a little oil in their bowls, sat the dough in and turned it over so it was coated, covered the bowl with a towel and sat them on the stove to raise.

Then they played...well...and together! I can't even keep up with everything they did. There was dress up and blocks and a nest or two. I was able to get laundry going, relax a little and take care of some items on my LONG and never ending to-do list.

Back to the bread.

The kids punched down their dough and shaped the dough for their pans. They were really into the punching. Each of them commented on how perfect their bread would be because they were doing the best job ever making it!

Of course the bread had to raise again. And the kids played again. And we had lunch. Then the bread could go into the oven.

During quiet time the bread was finished and smelled great! #1 came out of her room and asked what was smelling so good!

Good job, kids!

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Another Stacy said...

more like, "good job, mom!" I don't know how you do it, but, you do it well. xoxoxo