Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back on the treadmill

I took this picture on September 30th. The treadmill had been sitting, ignored in the middle of our living room/hallway area. I was tired of it so I moved around some furniture in the dining room and set the treadmill up in there. I have my memory verses, my prayer list and my walk/run program.

The intention was to get right on and work out everyday. The walk/run program I am using (more below on that) goes by took me the entire month of October to progress 3 weeks into the program. So I haven't been as committed as I wanted to be.

The picture would be a little different if I took another one today. The treadmill is quite dusty but not from lack of use. I have now completed 4 days into week 4 on my walk/run plan and have worked out everyday except Sunday in the past 3 weeks!

My friend, Stacy, blogged about her use of the American Running Associations 12 Week Walk/Run Program while she was living in England. At the end of training with this program had she not only lost some pounds she was working to lose she was also able to complete a 5K run! Never having been a runner myself I tried running a few months ago when we inherited the treadmill. Although I was able to do a little running back then I wasn't ever able to get to the enjoyment part. At this stage of the walk/run program I actually enjoy the running and try to bargain with myself to keep running instead of doing the walking part of each days workout.

I'll report back in another couple of weeks to let you know how its going but right now it feels great to be on the treadmill again!

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Another Stacy said...

Sounds like you're off to a fabulous start. A 5K will be a breeze in no time flat! yay!