Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday: Duck Game

The announcer at the Duck's stadium has a saying every game..."IT NEVER RAINS AT AUTZEN STADIUM!" Well, I decided he's never rains up there in the box at the top of the stadium where he sits!

The rest of us...we got WET!

Mr. Wiedz and I got to go to the game, the last one before Mr. Wiedz leaves for Argentina. We were lucky that K was willing to rearrange her schedule and not sleep in that day and could come watch the kids! It was fun to spend the day together.

We left home and drove straight to Eugene and walked the LONG walk to the stadium. We sat in the pre-game area and had some lunch and took in the pre-game energy. JUST before game time we put all our layers back on and headed out to the stadium. The above picture was taken during the first quarter when the sun actually came out and a beautiful full rainbow arched above the stadium. The sun was short-lived though and it started raining during half time. By the start of the 3rd quarter it was pouring! We stayed a little bit longer then went back to the pre-game area which was turned into a dry place to watch the game. We stood in there for awhile then left and went to the Steelhead Brewery for dinner. After dinner we headed back home.

Glad I got to go the game...even wet!

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