Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just as the kids and I were settling down for a relaxing evening and K had left for the night, the power flickered, went out, flickered again and went out completely. #1 had been sent to her room for her poor attitude, but once she found herself in the dark she was allowed back out. I made my way, with #4 on my hip, to the laundry room where I'd plugged in my new flashlight. The kids and I found candles and lit them on the mantle. I also filled my oil lamp and sat that in the kitchen. With as many candles I could safely put out I tried to figure out what we could do to fill the time before bedtime. I decided that a nest in my room would be the best place to sleep. That way when anyone woke in the night they wouldn't call for me, we'd be together with the flashlight. Gathering blankets, pillows and pjs took up all the time we needed it to. (Plus, a trouble I'm having with my mama cat is that she's using my bed as her litter box...and did so right as we started our nest building I had to change my own bed in the process. In case you're wondering I've talked to the vet about it and working on fixing the problem.) #4 got his bottle and went down. After that everyone else got a couple of chapters of our book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by flashlight and tucked into their nests.

Luckily the power came back as I was working on a scrapbook gift. I'm grateful for the quiet moments and a little adventure for the kids but I'm especially grateful that the power came back for the freezer full of meat and an alarm in the morning so we can get to the bus on time.

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