Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching up: Getting Our Tree

On the 6th we got our tree. We went to the wilderness and cut our own. Something we've talked about doing most years. This year we decided it would be a fun family day and started out. Mr. Wiedz knew where to go. I packed a lunch and some snacks. Once we bribed, I mean talked to the kids about a fun day spent in the car and a meal out we were off.

Everyone did fabulous on the way to the Detroit Lake area. We went up Brietenbush Road and took some forest service road off of that. Mr. Wiedz needed to find a truly wilderness area and to put the car into 4 wheel drive before he was satisfied that we'd experienced all we could for "getting there".

It wasn't enough to find a suitable tree from near the side of the road. After lunch and getting more layers on, although it was a clear day it was cold out in the wilderness, we headed up the side of a mountain to find our tree. Up and up we went! #1 at one point said, "this is not what I expected". I have to admit I was growing impatient with the climbing myself but figured since I was carrying #3 and Mr. Wiedz had #4 in the backpack #1 had nothing to complain about and I changed my attitude. Mr. Wiedz and #2 were having so much fun.

#2 kept falling but he was enjoying himself so much he'd let out a "SWEET" each time. Sometimes we'd even get a "SWEETER!" He was totally into the forging a path in the forest. The tree was of no consequence to him!

We did find a tree. Mr. Wiedz cut it down (I love that he used a cordless saws-all to do it) and we took a group picture. That was entertaining itself since I had to cross periless terrain to get into the picture after I'd set the timer. At this point we have to now carry the tree down the mountain back to the car. Mr. Wiedz carried both boys and I carried the tree. It felt really good to get back to the car! We took another picture of the kids with our tree on top of the car and we headed back home.

We did stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. We even went in. The kids had a great time. It was a great family day!

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