Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some baby-gifting love

Mr. Wiedz's cousin and his girlfriend had a baby this past September. After the baby was born and it was known it was a girl I went right out bought this fabric for a baby quilt. I was so happy to get soft colors, PINK! PALE GREEN! GIRL COLORS!

When I bought it I didn't really have a plan, which is unusual for me but I did come up with a project that was mostly handwork so I could work on it while I was flying to Argentina. Even though I didn't fly to Argentina I was happy with having a handwork project.

I made "yo-yo's", which I had never done before. It took some trial and error with getting the gathers right since I was doing such big yo-yo's. Then I appliqued them on the background so everything looked like flowers in a meadow.
I had to ask a friend at church her opinion on the quilting and was thrilled with how it turned out.
I gave it to the sweet baby girl for Christmas. Her parents were happy and thought that she would love it.


Another Stacy said...

So adorable! I can barely stand it! Well done.

Aly sun said...

This is really cute. Nice work. I love the flowers in the meadow.