Saturday, December 13, 2008

It took me awhile...

****December 17th****Edited to add links.****

...but here I am!

Well, it took me almost 2 weeks to get my to-do list I'd posted on the 2nd done!

Laundry was so caught up the other day I couldn't even do full loads. I got an email the other day about making laundry soap and at the grocery store I got the ingredients and tried it. K was wondering what the heck I was doing but I really like the soap, it is SO much cheaper and so easy to make.

Here's my new header...cute, I think!

The cleaning lists are up and in practice...although I haven't "felt" like it the last couple of days. But when I do, the house looks like someone cares to take care of it!

The boys are so fun most days. I'm slowly reading an online book, Raising Godly Tomatoes and slowly implementing some of the ideas I'm getting. I'm enjoying them more and the screaming is decreasing...everything is more enjoyable with less screaming!

Thanksgiving never got posted about. Needless to say it was a wonderful time. It was a quiet week at Grammie and Grandpa N's. Grammie N recently had broken her arm so I got to cook the dinner and all the munchies to go along with the days of eating to lead up to Thanksgiving. We were especially blessed that Mr. Wiedz returned from work early that week. There is much that goes into that but it is a whole other post that may or may not be written. We are just ecstatic to have him home!

In my opinion it is not a holiday without Chex Mix...Happy Holidays!

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