Friday, February 20, 2009

#1's lessons

#1 started guitar lessons a couple of weeks ago. A man that goes to our church has a music studio in town.
#1 got her guitar for Christmas and shortly after we took it to church to ask the pastor or Mr. Hayes to tune it for her. Mr. Hayes tried but her guitar is different than what he's used to and he broke a string. Mr. Hall was also at church that day and when I asked him what I needed to do to fix it he told me he'd bring the right strings for us. A couple days later Mr. Hall came to our house, restrung the guitar, tuned it and sang some songs with the kids. It was a great treat and a great way to finish the day.
Once it was obvious that #1 wanted to take lessons and she was ready to put in the practice time I called Mr. Hall's studio and set up a lesson time. She's had a couple weeks worth now and really loves it! She's learning a lot and doing a good job. She does take after her mother and doesn't really do a great job of practicing but I think right now she just knows that it's easy enough and what she's learning doesn't really take a lot of practice. The practice will catch up when there's something to work on.
The boys and I are enjoying the time too. The studio is a couple doors down from the library so we spend the 30 minutes looking at books and then walk back and get her. The only thing I'm needing to work on next is getting dinner done and ready so when we come back right at dinner-time I'm prepared!

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Aly sun said...

What a great idea. I have a guitar and took lessons for a year. It takes a lot of practice and I got tired of not being good. I really hope one of my daughters will want to learn to play the guitar some day.