Tuesday, February 10, 2009

felt pizza

Doesn't that look good enough to eat? It is #2 and my pepperoni and sausage pizza we made for #3's birthday.

I let #2 cut the "sauce" and as he did so he informed me that the pieces he cut off were the pepperonis.

I wanted to get nice wool felt from my local quilt shop but I didn't want to make another stop with 3 children into a wonderful store that has so much available to touch so I opted for the felt that my big box store sells. It is actually made from recycled plastic bottles and isn't as thick as the wonderful wool felt but isn't as flimsy as the small sheets that I've used for other projects. I used a yarn and pencil to make a compass to get the biggest circle the fabric would allow, that's how I got the "crust". I used the "crust" to cut the same size circle for the "sauce" and let #2 cut away the sides so that it wasn't the same as the crust and it brought it down in size just enough. I used embroidery floss to stitch on rolled up strips of brown felt for "sausage" and the "pepperonis" #2 cut off the sauce circle. The embroidery floss also doubled as the "cheese".

Grammie N did a blanket stitched the "crust" circles together while #3 napped before his party. I'm so lucky she was here and could do that...there was no way I would have gotten the cake done and the "pizza".

The felt pizza is a great addition to our kitchen. Lots of pizza being served around here!

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