Saturday, February 7, 2009

the kitchen and a lesson learned

About a month before Christmas I mentioned to Mr. Wiedz that I thought a kitchen would be a great gift idea for #3. He hummed. He paused. He said kitchens were for girls. I told him I didn't think so and that #3 would really get a lot of fun out of it and so would the rest of the kids. The girl who writes at balancingeverything did a great post about her kids' kitchen and linked to lots of do-it-yourself options. I emailed Mr. Wiedz the one I thought looked the easiest and the best for our 4 chefs.

About a week before Christmas Mr. Wiedz told me he didn't have enough time to "get it done right". That with all the snow we were having there wasn't time to get materials nor space to make it. I told him that I didn't like it since I was planning that for #3's Christmas but we could make due and at that point had 2 months to make it for #3's birthday. 2 months is plenty of time. Right?

January sped right along and toward the middle of the month I started asking about the kitchen project again. #3's birthday is the 2nd so it can really sneak up on you.

Finally #3's birthday party was less than a week away. Mr. Wiedz told me he planned on getting supplies on his way home from school on evening. That night I asked if he got the supplies.

"No. Remind me to tell you about that later."

The evening got away from us and I didn't remember until the next morning.

"You were going to tell me about the kitchen supplies last night and we forgot. What's up?"

"I don't have enough time to make the kitchen the way it should be done. We'll have to find something else to get him."

My jaw dropped. I was probably a little emotional for other reasons as well since this news nearly made me cry! I had lined up other gifts from grandparents and aunts to coordinate with the kitchen. #1 was making a cookbook. #2 and I were making a felt pizza. No kitchen to go with these things was disappointing me in a huge way!

I had so many things to say to what he was telling me. I got to work that morning, doing laundry, picking up, doing dishes, taking care of the younger boys. In my head I was telling myself all the things I thought about the kitchen not getting done. All the things I wanted to tell Mr. Wiedz. I nearly went back to him to rehash the topic but I kept it to myself. I admit to a lot of sighing around here that morning. (Next time I'll work on the sighing.)

After what felt like hours I saw Mr. Wiedz drawing and figuring and muttering to himself. When he left the room I looked at the paper he was working on. Plans for a kitchen!

He left for town. Bought the supplies. Came home and during nap time made a kitchen!

We finished it over the next couple evenings after bedtime.

#3 does love his kitchen. Everyone does. We made a chalkboard along the back and it has the day's menu. Kit has had many a delicious meal.

The lesson: "Better to live on the corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife." Proverbs 21:9

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Aly sun said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I liked the verse at the end. Perfect. The kitchen looks great. I like the chalk board idea.