Friday, February 27, 2009

Remains of the day

The other day I sent the boys outside to play while I cleaned up from "learning time". When I looked at the table I realized all the "things" left behind us as we move through the day. Thought I'd share what I found.

Learning time for #2 is drawing/writing in his "journal-turned-book-about-ogres" and working on a phonics workbook. Learning time for #3 and #4 are projects/activities that need little to no supervision and keep them busy for about 15-20 minutes. This day it was playdough, which left playdough to be picked up for a few hours later.

Playing outside, spring time around here means worms to find. The boys did find one, got a jar and made a house for the it by filling the jar with dirt, grass and leaves. When it was time to go in the worm was returned to its natural habitat and the jar home dumped out on the patio.

#3 found a dead bee and thought it needed a home. He collected pieces of wood and shavings and rocks to create this shelter. He was very protective of it too...whenever #4 came to "help/destroy" he'd freak out. I had to stand guard a number of times to keep the peace.

Lunch time! PB&J, grapes, crackers and lots of crumbs and to keep my sanity, Pepsi for the mama.

An afternoon art session shared by #4 who thought uncapping all the markers and drawing on his hands was great fun. #3 did get a fine piece of swirls done (background).

All the laundry strewn across the bathroom floor in preparation for bathtime. At 3 loads a day, I'm barely keeping up.

Some after bath squeezing, giggling, tickling and "eating" of the sweet neck rolls.

Ahhhh. The final bit of day drained away. Leaving behind bubbles in the bottle. Sweet heads on their pillows and, although not a clean, a happy home.


This little photo exercise was a fun way to stop and look at what we do together during a day. A moment to reflect on our time together before the mundane cleaning, tidying, correcting, straightening, folding, cooking, and doing-it-all-again.

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Aly sun said...

This post could have gone a different way. Like, "look at all the mess my kids leave -- my life is SO hard." I love that you turned it into a blessing. This was a great lesson for me today as I just began my day with sweeping up under the table and found what looks like enough food to feed Somalia for a day.