Friday, December 3, 2010

Rowing Week 3 :: Play With Me

Play with Me (Picture Puffins)

This week really took like 3 weeks so #3 was really sick of the book by Friday. No, I did not read it every day for 3 weeks but by Friday he'd already seen it enough times he was done. Other than that I enjoyed "rowing" this book. The activities were fun and I had finally gotten my act together to do prep work before I had them sit at the much smoother!

Sitting Quietly :

We practiced sitting quietly just like the little girl in the book. Miraculous. I sat there with my eyes shut for a few beats just enjoying the stillness.

The scrapbook crafts :

There were some great printables and other cut apart, glue, write, match games and such out there for this book.

Pond Counting : pictures of pond life on cards 1-10. We put them in order. We found whichever number I asked for. We counted fishes and frogs and turtles.

Who Am I? : I read the clues then the boys matched to colored picture to that animal. #3 can't wait to play this one with Mr. Wiedz.

Would you play with me? : a fun little list of animals and you write yes or no under each flap if you'd play with that animal. #3 really like that one.

Science : Our weekly science consists of an animal that we read about, classify, color and write a notebook page about. These last couple of weeks we've just worked frog and bird into our normal science.

After reading this post about using online videos we watched this video of song birds. #2 thought it was just loud. I thought it was a fun extra we don't do everyday.

Bird feeders :

Oh the mess! But they so enjoyed doing this!

I had saved small milk cartons for a history craft - making mud bricks - but that project didn't happen. They worked great for this though.

When they were done spreading peanut butter on the cartons and filling the inside/covering the outside with birdseed they strung honey nut Cheerios on yarn for a garland.

When I put the baby down I told everyone that it was expected and OK if he dug into the Cherrios.

When we were all done with our bird feeding supplies we hung everything on a tree in our front yard. The big boy's bedroom window looks out on this tree (and I can see it from the kitchen sink) and we've already had visitors to our branches!

I wanted to visit a pond or the river but it is December and I haven't been feeling good. I'm not sure I'll completely get away with leaving that out but for now we didn't actually get to a pond to observe animals in their habitat!


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