Thursday, December 9, 2010

The story of a quilt

This quilt has a story. One I must tell from the beginning. Probably my mom and the recipients mom will be the only ones who stick with me to the end to hear the whole thing.

What feels like another lifetime ago Mr. Wiedz 1) gave me the birthday present that keeps giving - $5 Quilt Club at Grandma's Attic (in Dallas) and 2) started working in Argentina (this post is an interesting story of what traveling was like, and this one is amazing for it's honesty and for me at least the wow-factor of knowing that was the WEEK he ended up being done working there and coming home -- amazing). These two things didn't happen at the same time...actually about a year apart. For by 31st birthday things were, let's say, tight financially. I came up with the perfect gift Mr. Wiedz could give me. The $5 Quilt Club. The beauty of this gift is on both sides. One, it only cost $5...right up our price range. And two, it provided me with nearly 2 hours a month by myself going to quilt class. It was the gift that gave all year long. And I loved going. So much that I repaid my dues to do another year. That brings us to August/September 2008 - and Argentina! My once-a-month getaway didn't really work out when Mr. Wiedz wasn't home enough to relieve me of my duties. That year I only made it to 4 classes, so only got 4 quilt squares done.

But they were really great ones! I loved the colorway I picked that year. I tucked them away for a special project.

Fast forward to fall 2009.

Around the time that Mr. Wiedz and I found out we were expecting #5, one of my closest friends, Another Stacy, found out she was expecting her #2. When I thought about the quilt I'd like to make for her I thought of these quilt squares sitting in my unfinished projects tub. When she found out she was expecting a girl (while we were again expecting a boy) I knew this was where these quilt squares would be perfect.

The babies were born in March. #5 got his quilt just in the nick of time...Little Tam, not so much.

Early this summer I found my way to an unfriendly quilt store, 4 kids walking in to a quilt store may cause the elder woman behind the counter to cringe but I'd have loved some grace and help and a smile. Regardless, I found some fabric for sash, boarders, backing and binding. Getting the top done was quick.

Getting the quilting done took all summer. Quilt, hoop, thread and thimble went nearly everywhere I did this summer.

Interestingly, this was on the road to Pacific City, Oregon. Another Stacy's in-laws live there and Another Stacy and family were visiting the same weekend we were there.

Cutting, making and binding the quilt was probably the longest process...yikes, the quilt sat in my quilting room for months!

Finally making the labeling patch was complete and appliqued to the back of the quilt.

Boxed up and sent to my dear friend and her littlest treasure.


Another Stacy said...

Oh how I love this quilt and it's storied beginnings! I will send you a picture of little t and her quilt ASAP (she's sleeping under it this very minute!).


Anonymous said...

such a good post stacy. since i know the time, effort and heart that goes into each quilt i have made, this post blessed me. :)