Saturday, December 11, 2010

History is Alive :: African Feast

We've moved to Ancient Africa in our history work...

I'll admit that I start to look twice at the "plans" I made last summer. They sure do seem like a lot of work and mess now that I'm on this side. Sure, making 5 instruments each for an ancient African band sounded like a good idea in August. Now...not so much.

But I did go ahead with plans for our Ancient African feast. Knowing full well every mouthful would be a bit of a battle.

Our African feast included fried plantains and chicken with figs. I was right about the battle. If you don't know our family personally you don't know that the Wiedz household is the pickiest you'll ever meet!

We started with a pretty hard line about finishing the meal. I then covertly communicated to Mr. Wiedz across the table that my hope was for the meal to be fun and lighthearted. I didn't really want everyone to sulk through forcing themselves because they'd be in trouble. So we readjusted our expectations. Everyone tried a bite of a fig (pretty good actually) and one plantain (some of the really little guys got away with a bite as mama thought they were pretty gross) and chicken until we were full (the chicken was really pretty normal).

There are a few more recipes in our history activity book that I intend on making...broadening our horizons and all.

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Another Stacy said...

the plantains look delicious!! I don't know how they're normally cooked, but maybe in butter and brown sugar would have been tasty....

Good job trying, though!!