Wednesday, April 4, 2012

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny again this week.


I really wanted to take my picture today with #6 and my knitting together but when I realized I had a minute to take the photo and write up my Yarn Along post she was asleep in her little living room I just laid the knitting in next to her and snapped away. Knitting and baby, that's what's taking up my time lately.

On the needles :: Mr. Wiedz's sweater. We went on a little family trip at the end of the public school's spring break and as a way to try out the new to us (and Mr. Wiedz's parent's) 40ft motor bus. Since I was on "vacation" I brought along a couple of knitting projects but really only worked on Mr. Wiedz's sweater. I'm actually enjoyed working on it right now. It is by far the most complicated pattern I've ever worked on and takes a lot of concentration, a highlighter and good light but right now I'm loving that it is getting larger and even though I have to start all over again to do the back I'm feeling like there might be a finishing to the front eventually!

On the nightstand :: I've picked up my copy of Large Family Logistics and am reading *a little* before I fall asleep at night. It's a good book and I remember getting a lot of encouragement and ideas the first time I read it. Hoping I'll be able to glean some new techniques for running this small home of many people.

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