Wednesday, June 6, 2012

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny again this week to talk knitting and reading, something I've managed to get in a lot of lately!


On the needles :: I got half of the front done on #6's sweater and got the second half started. I'm hung up on button and button-hole placement. The pattern is written to place safety pins on the button side (the side I already finished) where the buttons should go then figure out the button holes from there. I'm used to patterns being written the other way (and like it better), the pattern dictating what rows to put buttonholes in then placing the buttons afterwards. Needless to say, I'm a little stalled trying to figure out my plan for this one.

I'm chugging right along with my Multnomah. I didn't pick it up this week but I'm almost half-way with the garter stitch, I really like it so far! On a camping trip last week I stopped at a yarn store in the town we were near and found the fun stitch markers. I've never had proper stitch markers and I love these! 

I started on another project :: I really shouldn't have. I'm using the same yarn as Mr. Wiedz's sweater and I love this yarn so I've worked mostly on this vest for #5. I'm half done...hoping to cast on the front after writing this post!

On the nightstand :: I sped through The Hunger Games Trilogy (books 2 & 3 on kindle)...that's probably why I haven't posted Yarn Alongs lately...too busy reading. I got to our Memorial Day camping trip and realized I hadn't packed a book so got on Amazon and found a kindle book to download to my phone. I read The Lucky One while camping, finishing just as we pulled off the freeway into our hometown the last day. I've looked around here and there for a new book to start, I've come close to buying some kindle books my mom has reccomended but at $14.99 they're to rich for my blood. I found a Micheal Crition novel, Pirate Latitudes, on Mr. Wiedz's nightstand last night as I sat in bed to nurse #6 and so far it's good. Not my normal kind of book but I'm enjoying it. Plus I'm reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to the kids during quiet time/down time in the afternoon.


Jen said...

I really enjoyed The Hunger Games Trilogy.

The Lucky One...not so much. I just could not get into it, which is weird because I LOVE Nicholas Sparks books.

Lori ann said...

maybe if you space the button holes the way you like that would work? your knitting looks lovely!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

there is lots of knitting and reading going on at your house!