Friday, May 25, 2012

Rowing :: Madeline

Who hasn't heard of Madeline? I had heard of her of course but hadn't actually read the book in my memory. But it was such a fun row. The boys and I all enjoyed it and even had a certain 3rd grader/8 year old sitting in to listen to our story. This book was rowed during the last month of my pregnancy and I think some of these rows were a bit lacking. Madeline seemed to go well though. I think getting a little Madeline doll for #6 when she rows this book will be in order.

Memory Making ::


Madeline has surgery of course to take out her appendix. We talked about the appendix and looked at pictures from when Mr. Wiedz had his appendix out. The surgeon gave me pictures taken inside of him of the oozy appendix and the intestines after they were stitched up to repair the damage done by the oozy appendix. Then I drew an appendix scar on anyone who wanted one like Madeline's and Mr. Wiedz's

Seat work ::


I printed the Madeline toilet paper roll doll from DLTK's site. No one did a great job with coloring but they enjoyed putting it together and we displayed them for the rest of the week as we read Madeline.


I found a mini-book, Tour de France, with landmarks and buildings that are iconic to France. We tried to match up the photo of each with the drawings in the book. #3 agreed that going to France someday to see all of these places in person would be awesome!

You Can Read ::

I can't remember if we added more words this week or if we just used this week as a review. We did pull out a lot of the sheets and used them during our time together. #3 made sentences with his flash cards and read some sentences I made for him.





We combine our All About Reading Level Pre1 with an ABC Animal each week. I try to let the boys try different painting methods or other art mediums for their letter then we add the animal when its dry. We are hanging them around the room and it is looking really cool as we finish each letter.

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Deborah said...

We have this book. I love to read it in my best french accent. LOL I think the girls like it that way too.

Thank you for the link to the Madeline resources - can't wait to find something to use. :o)

Jolanthe Erb said...

The Tour de France mini book is a great add-on to the Madeline book. :)