Monday, July 2, 2012


I'm thinking July may have to be the month I catch up. I looked over my list of things I wanted to write about, share here, document and remember. I'm behind. I always say {at least to myself} that I will be more consistent. Perhaps it just is what it is and I won't worry about it but with no journal and no scrapbook this space is where I keep track of most of our I'll catch up. I bring you dance. As in the dance class #1 took most of last year and finished with a recital and community performances in May (!).

#1 started being curious about dance at some point, I don't even really remember the start of her interest, and started dropping hints about maybe taking a class. In an effort to invest in the children's interests and passions and as a way of making sure #1 has other interests besides basketball we decided that dance would be something worthwhile of her time. I started researching dance places around town. #1 wanted to take a hip-hop class, that added a level of "concern" for me as I wasn't sure what kind of moves, music and costumes we would encounter. I found Hosanna Dance in town, and know some friends who have taken classes there, that met my "concerns" and #1 interest in hip-hop.

She started weekly classes in December and as the spring got closer and closer the work of class started turning toward the recital. Recital week is a pretty big deal with rehearsal, pictures and the actual show. For #1 we also had to purchase all the make-up and hair supplies necessary for her performances. I don't use a lot of make-up and hair supplies so we had to purchase everything new and #1 had so much fun with it all!

#1 did a great job with her performance. It was a joy to watch her on stage and working out something new and taking an interest and following through.

Another thing I really liked about Hosanna Dance was that after the recital, the last couple weeks of the class year were devoted to community performances in assisted living homes in the area. I thought it was a wonderful way of teaching the kids to give back to the community in whatever way they could and a blessing to the residents who maybe don't get out much.

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