Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday #2

As I write this it is October 30th. Five years ago I had been working at my grandparents rock pit. Spending the days weighing trucks. It was a numbingly boring job. Mostly I read, crocheted, or scrapbooked. I had been filling in for the full time lady off and on since I was in high school. I spent the week working, taking #1 some days but the weigh shack was a 10x10 room...not the most awesome place to spend the day with a 2 year old.

On this October 30th Mr. Wiedz and #1 picked me up at the pit and took me to my prenatal appointment in town. I was 39 weeks pregnant with #2. Dr. L did all the regular prenatal appointment stuff. At the end of the appointment she nonchalantly said, "come in tomorrow and I'll break your water."

Whoa! You mean have the baby tomorrow? Okay, are we ready for this?! Okay! See you tomorrow.

Mr. Wiedz suggested that I not return to the rock pit that afternoon. I agreed that it was important to spend the day as our family of 3. We returned to the pit only to leave a note on the window for the trucks and to call Grandma and let her know. I don't remember what else we did that day...I'm sure it had something to do with packing a hospital bag and squeezing on my #1.

We had to be at the hospital at 6AM the next morning. I was having contractions but nothing remarkable. I remember commenting how interesting it felt to be driving to the hospital to have a baby without being in labor. #1 stayed with Grandma D.

I got to the hospital and got all settled into a room, all the monitors and answered all their questions. Dr. L came in, broke my water and sent me on my way to walk the halls of the labor floor to get my labor to go.

I don't remember much about the day...I walked, I sat in the bathtub, my mom, Mr. Wiedz's mom and one of my best friends came to visit, wait and be part of our special day. I do remember being afraid to push. It had taken a lot of pushing to get #1 to be born and I was so afraid it would be like that again. At one point Mr. Wiedz asked our audience to give us a minute alone. They cleared the room and I confided in Mr. Wiedz about my fear.

Shortly after everyone came back in my back hurt so bad so I asked the nurse for some ice. She thought that wouldn't really help but I insisted and she left to get something. While she was gone Dr. L came in to check on me and thought maybe if I should start pushing. The back pain stopped immediately as it took about 3 pushes to greet #2 into the world.

Mr. Wiedz tells it that it took forever for him to start breathing...but Mr. Wiedz says that about all the kids. I do remember Mr. Wiedz asking over and over if he was OK. Of course he was and started letting it wail in no time.

Our fabulous #2 was born 5 years ago October 1st at 4:10 PM. He's my big boy at 10 pounds!

Five years later, #2 is such a challenging joy! One minute he's so sweet and kind. The next he's smacking someone up the head or taking a toy from one of the little guys. I feel like I'm always saying, "#2, don't...stop...put that back...make right choices". But then there are the moments we walk hand and hand down the driveway and he talks up a blue streak about snakes or bees or whatever else is running around in his sweet head of his.

Happy Birthday to my "little" big guy!

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