Thursday, January 1, 2009

Catching up:Gift Baskets

Years ago I wanted to give my neighbors and “the people” in our lives a little something at Christmas. “The people” being our pastor and family, my best friends family, my friend at our local store, the mail-lady.

Over the years these gift baskets have changed but this year they turned out really great! I was really happy with them and VERY happy to have them done and ready to give. It is so fun delivering them, wishing all these people in my life a Merry Christmas and spreading a little joy if I can.

This year’s basket held:
caramel corn
sugar cookies
seafoam candy
a mini-loaf of banana bread

The caramel corn was a new addition this year, added to help fill the basket and it did so perfectly. I made a lot of batches of caramel corn, we couldn’t keep out of it so I only got about 3 bags full from each batch!

The sugar cookies were a last minute addition once I realized I didn’t like/didn’t think I was good at peanut brittle. After my first batch of peanut brittle I decided to change my plan to sugar cookies. The power went out while I was frosting them but I was just grateful all the cookies were out of the oven!

Seafoam is my favorite candy that you buy in candy shops at the beach. 2 years ago Mr. Wiedz came home from the beach with some seafoam for me. As we were eating it he commented that I could probably make it myself. So I did what any modern girl would do…looked it up on the internet. I found a couple recipes and after some trial and error can replicate pretty well my favorite candy.

Banana bread was last on the list. This year I got the mini loaf stoneware pan from Pampered Chef in November when it was on sale. I was even able to make extra loaves for our freezer.

Hope all "my people" had a Merry Christmas!

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