Monday, March 2, 2009

Trying Something New

sitting outside while the boys play in the early spring sunlight
Stalking around the blogs I've been inspired by all the crafty-ness and sometimes want to try some of the beautiful stuff I see out there. Crafting is one of the reasons I started this little blog, actually. Mr. Wiedz, bless his heart, is just not all that interested in every little project I do. With this little space I can take pictures, of say pillowcases, and then put them in the closet. You out here in blogland can tell me how great they are and Mr. Wiedz is off the hook.
Well, one of my favorite blogs,, has many posts written about knitting and shows off all of her beautiful knitted creations. Seeing much of her knitting I have wanted to try my hand at it but as I've heard the best way to learn is from someone I didn't know where to start. Then for my birthday I was giving a pair of slippers by a dear friend. Thinking they were crocheted I asked for the pattern as #1 really liked them and I thought they'd be a good future gift. But they are knitted. Now I had a project to start with and a friend to teach me!
I purchased myself some needles and yarn and headed to sit with Charlotte for a knitting lesson. I've gotten the first slipper done and now I'm working on the pair. The plan was to make a pair for each kiddo for their Easter baskets...we'll see.

another great kitting space...wrapped in a quilt with Edward Ricardo on my lap

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Aly sun said...

Good for you. My knitting experience wasn't so good, but I didn't have anyone to teach me either.

The new look at your blog is great.